Ruben Gallego Touts Endorsement from Superior Mayor, a Politician Who Helped Get Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Paul Babeu Elected

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Ruben Gallego's campaign is touting an endorsement from Jayme Valenzuela, mayor of Superior -- and making sure to note that that's Mary Rose Wilcox's hometown.

Gallego and Wilcox both are running for Arizona's 7th Congressional District seat.

Valenzuela says Gallego "has a record of honest and true public service we can trust."

Camp Gallego may be proud of what it perceives as a political "gotcha" to Wilcox, but given Valenzuela's personal and political history, it's hardly anything to get excited about -- especially when you've made fighting for immigrants' rights and immigration reform a campaign priority.

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Valenzuela is a loyalist to anti-immigrant Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, and even played a role in helping Babeu, a Massachusetts transplant, get elected into Arizona politics.

We have a call into Gallego's campaign for comment.

A brief recap on Babeu: He's the border hawk who came under fire for tipping off protestors about a busload of immigrant children who were supposedly going to be housed in an Eloy facility.

He's the right-winger with Congressional aspirations whose campaign fell apart after New Times revealed he e-mailed selfies in his underwear and of his erect penis to anonymous people and posted his penis size and his preference in sexual positions on a hook-up site for gay men.

Thumbnail image for babeu and orozco 1.jpg
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco
He's the politician who, despite his very public anti-immigrant stance, was involved in a sexual relationship with a Mexican national. Babeu hired that man, Jose Orozco, to work on his campaign and then, when their relationship fell apart, Orozco alleged that Babeu threatened to deport him if he revealed the sheriff's sexual orientation.

Valenzuela publicly supported Babeu, a Republican, when he was running for sheriff in 2008. Valenzuela also ran for sheriff that year, but lost his bid in the Democratic primary.

For the support, Babeu handsomely repaid Valenzuela with a $73,257 a year job overseeing contracts for supplies and services at the Pinal County jails. At his immediately previous job, Valenzuela was a meter reader for Arizona Public Service making $34,000 a year.

What makes it worse is that Valenzuela is also a former Pinal County sheriff's deputy who was listed as ineligible to be rehired by the county because his job performance was so poor. And, his employment track record was so questionable that even his own hometown police agency -- the Superior Police Department -- refused to hire him.

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Gee Sheriff Paul and Judge Shaun Babeu, guess what?

Your nephew Michael Richard, that you were considering flying out to AZ to taking care of dear dad, before he died,( his mother, your beloved sister Theresa Lacroix) who along with you, started the rumor I did "Heroin".

Karma is a real bitch!!!!!!  Read below, compliments of the Berkshire Eagle:

Much love to all of you liars!!!! Best regards, Your favorite sister, Lucy Babeu


I use to always think it was just keeping the focusing (as Monica would state) on Paul Babeu;s Abuse of Power, and the fact that his secret life led to that abuse. And, that Nobody cares that he is gay, it is what he did to hide it that is important.

But, now, I believe it is keeping the focusing not just on Paul Babeu's Abuse of Power and the fact that his secret life led to that abuse, but all the people that worked for him that are mentioned in all the article above.

These deputies connections, and what they are covering up, along with the lawyers DeRose, LaSota, and People like Valenzuela. Gallego, etc. are just criminals. The illegal deals behind the citizens and voters back is more than corrupt.

These people belong in prison. Everyone of them have lived secret lives at the expense of the taxpayers to promote their careers for money that led to abuse of Power and criminal activity.  

Monica, I thank you for trying your best to uncover it with absolute truth and transparency. Best regards, Lucy Babeu


Mietze 5ptsFeatured
2 days ago

"Gallego is an old friend of Chris DeRose, the ethically-challenged manager of Babeu's 2012 Congressional campaign. (Gallego was best man in DeRose's wedding, and DeRose has represented Gallego legally.)"

..."So Valenzuela is hardly his only connection to Babeuworld. Is there something deeper going on here?"

Well, Ruben Gallego?  Babeauworld?  Arpaioworld too?


Your right FRONTERA ,had Gore won his own state, he would have been POTUS. And those smart asses on this blog Questoning my Spanish or typos , my college espanol teachers were from Chile and Columbia , not counting high school . ? Y TU ?  GALLEGO LD 7


Gee, look what I found on this article below, it still is true today........

Babeu's "Elite" Staff Overcomes Bad Behavior with Loyalty 

Mar 1, 2013

Paul is a molester and the whole Babeu family in AZ protects him along with his deputies. NO one will write the truth, but there evidence to back it up. Lets start with the fact that was left out of the article of Joshua that the whole Babeu family met Paul living with in North Adams MA on Willow St.that was a student at Desisto. Paul was molested by his brother John which is well documented and so was his brother Shaun and other sisters and brothers and his own mother beaten by John. But Paul choices to shut his mouth and protect John while they both going on molesting other young people. Shaun and Paul when they were younger were too close for comfort. Shaun was always on Paul's will and I am sure was very shock to find out he was not when Paul went to Iraq. Mueller followed Paul around like a puppy dog and was always at Paul's house and never looked at a girl but Paul's ass. Lucy was not allowed at her own mother's funeral because they were afraid of the truth leaking out about all the brother's who were rapists. Paul lied on fox about being raped by the priest at age 11 in a interview in March 2011. In 1993 the Judge order Paul never to collect any money for evidence in the Lavigne grand jury, but in 2002 he collected $150,000 and other money in other states. Lies, lies, lies. Paul tell the truth about being molested by Lavigne and about the Croteau boy who died. Don't you feel guilty about Shaun Dobbert dying?

Now, let's do a little update:

Raymond Babeu died on July 3, 2014. Sheriff Paul and Judge Shaun tell sister Veronica they never want anything to do with her or her children again 2 days before he dies because she is friends with me and Paul's new live-in Mexican lover Israel is telling big secrets about Paul and Shaun's life. (again, I am to blame and now Veronica)

Then, Judge Shaun sends text messages from his office that Veronica and her children are not allowed to come to our father's funeral on July 9, 2014 because they say I am coming with her.

n July 9, 20014 Veronica goes to the funeral with her children and Sheriff Paul and Judge Shaun hired four Mesa Police officers to stop Lucy Babeu from attending the funeral. (Little do they know, I am back in MA)

Now, a Internal affairs investigation has to be done at the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, by the one and only Blake King.

I thought Paul was the KING?

This is Corruption at it's best.................


Hard dead line , ha Monica?? I'd expect better from you ,but maybe not !  Glad your world is so black  and white . Keeping all the laundry folded very neat and tidy. I  give you 2 to 1 odds Gallego wins ...remember Gore couldn't win his  own state ...


Chris DeRose , represented Paul in the Jose case, and DeRose had certain newspapers remove Jose blogs. The newspaper (not this one) were in on the lies and saying it was me making the statements and making slanderous and libelous statements about me.

Paul also hired Tim LaSota from the Rose Law firm saying, I was alleging he was gay.

Now, I really think Paul was pushing it then.  Paul is the one that took the pictures of himself and put them on the adams4adam site as studboi1. Jose, just was smart enough to catch him. Jose was being faithful to him. Paul is the one going with every guy he could get his little penis on.

As far as Valenzuela's, Paul knew he was a loser and just used him to get elected. So, of course, pay back was the job.

At Paul's Sheriff's celebration when he won in November 2008, Valenzuela's was just a offensive drunk, saying nasty shit to girls and acting his usually jerk self.

 Paul, on the other hand, was busy breaking up with all his lover's at the Sheriff party, from the doctor in Scottsdale, to Jason Minor through email and any other boy in San tan Valley he had to keep quiet.  

Paul had many people he had to make deals with to become Sheriff.

Now as far as Blake King goes, and his position at Pinal County, Paul was his Best man in his wedding.   I will leave that story to your imagination. There are a lot more details to be told on that story...............


Gallego is an old friend of Chris DeRose, the ethically-challenged manager of Babeu's 2012 Congressional campaign. (Gallego was best man in DeRose's wedding, and DeRose has represented Gallego legally.) So Valenzuela is hardly his only connection to Babeuworld. Is there something deeper going on here?

Bipartisan amity is generally a good thing; we need more of it. But Babeu is one of the most toxic figures in our recent political history. You simply can't build a successful Democratic politics out of relationships with race-baiting nativist demagogues. Gallego needs to explain himself.

Cozz topcommenter

...and the slime just continues to ooze in Arizona.

Wilcox is no better...


wow, major endorsement from Valenzuela, crooked cop, toptally dishonest, not wanted by the pcso, makes you wonder HOW honest gallego will be?????


"Valenzuela says Gallego "has a record of honest and true public service we can trust." He means "dishonest" like himself.

Add Babeau to Gallego's friends and you have the true meaning of "Birds of the same feather flock together".


the symington connection was from symington saving bill clinton and another swimmer from drowning in the ocean in college.

i would pardon him too!


"Valenzuela appeared in two political ads promoting Babeu during the sheriff's 2012 re-election campaign.

The videos, which featured several of Babeu's employees, including Hank Mueller, have become evidence in the ongoing investigation by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel — which is probing whether PCSO employees conducted political work for Babeu and other county officials on the public clock."


Mark my words, Ruben Gallego will be shaking hands with Sheriff Babeau and Sheriff Arpaio. 

Gallego is fooling his supporters, especially his canvassers.  To them I say, "Sal, Si Se Puede"!

And he is lying to all of C.D. 7 voters.  Gallego will make a deal with the devil to win.

He is not a true Democrat; more Republican.  He is not from Arizona nor is he Mexican American; he is from somewhere back east and South America.

All that comes out of his mouth is filth. 


It's a matter of time before Ruben get's hit with Corruption charges :) not now but down the road :)

He should start looking into Sen Yee of SF and start planning his future 


Sheriff Paul and Judge Shaun, why don't you tell everyone, how in September 2009 you flew from AZ to MA and attended Michael Richard Wedding with Jackie Latimer. And how my daughter lived with this drug dealer, her cousin. And right next door were the Parent's of Jackie Latimer with my two son's, who you took out custody paper's for.

Then, by some miracle, they were the foster parent's.

They had a son named Lance Latimer, who beat the hell out of my son Zachary.

But the good part was,Lance Latimer was arrested with 32 charges of theft in North Adams, MA . And guess what, your good friend, DA Capeless let him off of all the charges.

Something smells fishy, sort of like what the hell is going on in Pinal County Sheriff's Office.



Great  and very true comment sal.krico!!!!!!! Best regards, Lucy Babeu



Don't expect Ruben Gallego to say anything until after Aug. 26.  And when he does it won't be truthful.  Monica Alonzo, don't expect a reply from team Ruben Gallego anytime soon.

Fact of the matter is that law enforcement including Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA), Sheriff Babeau's, Pinal County Sheriff's cronies and most likely Arpaio's M.C. Sheriff's hoodlums and supporters.  Sheriff Arpaio is still fuming at the woman, former M.C. Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, that forced him to wear a dog choke chain and collar (federal court monitor) for his racial profiling of Mexican American citizens.

Ruben Gallego is making deals with the same people that are denying immigrants bond for minor infractions and sending them to prisons.  New citizens voting for the first time need to see the real Ruben Gallego, a forked tongue hypocrite.


@ sal.krico

Great Comment!!!!

These people think, honest and true public service is being best friends.

I even had it said to me yesterday, by one of Sheriff Paul's  finest detectives.

 They believe, they can do what they want, when they want, hire who they want and it is none of your business.

 Oh, and we can trust them, it does not matter that they are all best friends.

And just remember everything is confidential, you are not allowed to file a public records request, especially when it is concerning 4 mesa police officer hired under the table by Sheriff Paul Babeu for Raymond Babeu funeral on July 9, 2014 to stop Lucy Babeu from attending her father;s  funeral which was open to the public.

Something sounds real criminal about this.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@kristythomas014 Of course she made $19,303 working from home for just a few hours! Shades of Amway's false claim that you can make tons of money with very little effort. At first, the Federal Trade Commission thought that the company resembled a pyramid scheme. They backed away from that but they did tell Amway to cease its false advertising. That said, AkaTed: Just what the hell are you infering?


@kristythomas014 Damn P0rN is paying real well these day's lmao please move your ad's to craig's list please or backpage


Oh, this is better, It has Paul's buddy, the DA name right on it. Capeless was nominated by Romney in 2004. (all in the family)

P.S. Ashley Samia , Paul niece, who is in Sheriff's Joe's Jail for 9 months, for a DUI after getting stop by a Mesa Police Officer, who she kicked and spit at( no one shot her though)  she slept with Lance Latimer while she was in Jones 11, which is a mental ward back in Pittsfield MA.

So, Sheriff Paul if you are going to spread rumors about family, let's at least provide real proof and the truth.

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