Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Hits the Polls with Michael Johnson, County Supervisor Candidate

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Former Phoenix Councilman Calvin Goode (left) with Maricopa County Supervisor Candidate Michael Johnson and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton sprinted across the crosswalk at Percy L. Julian School, a county polling site near 24th Street and Broadway Road, to talk to residents who were showing up to vote.

He introduced himself and told them he was there supporting Michael Johnson, a candidate for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

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Johnson is running for a District 5 seat against Steve Gallardo, a former state senator, and Marie Lopez Rogers, the former mayor of Avondale who was appointed as a supervisor in June.

Monica Alonzo
Michael Johnson greets a voter.
She was selected to replace Mary Rose Wilcox, the former supervisor who left open the seat when she decided to run for Congress.

Gallardo and his supporters were also out working the polls in Laveen, West Phoenix, Tolleson and Central Phoenix.

"This is a good sign, that we have a high number of voters at the polls," said Johnson, who spent part of the afternoon at the polling site. Even in the middle of the day, a steady of stream of residents showed up. "And most of the voters I've seen since I've been here have been supporters."

Several elderly ladies shuffled with canes into the school to cast their ballot.

One woman went to her usual stop to vote, but discovered that it is only used during city elections, not county election. She then went to her local church, hoping to be able to vote there. Another bust.

"I've gotta go!" the woman shouted behind her as Stanton and Johnson thanked her for her efforts.

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OneAngry Monk
OneAngry Monk

NO, he did NOT get get my vote! I disagree that he is racist, but He is a do nothing loafer that won't even respond to emails or facebook messages from his constituents, basically a waste of space. Why would someone think he deserves to better himself at the expense of taxpayers? Nobody screamed louder than him when he was in trouble with the Police, now that he is out, he couldn't care less about anyone else. Screw people like this!!


Johnson also took a beat down on the southside too bad his cousin is Willy Northpole who has money 

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

nothing like seeing the personal "boy" of wilcox falling right into her former seat.

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

johnson is a racist and these foolz are in each others pockets


@AkaTed I'm all for Johnson nor a racist here good to have leadership like him in the community

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