Douglas Defeats Huppenthal in Republican Primary; Garcia Is Democrats' Nominee

Ashley Cusick
John Huppenthal and family at tonight's Republican primary results event.
Incumbent State Superintendent of Public Education John Huppenthal lost his bid for reelection in tonight's Republican primary.

With almost 70 percent of precincts reporting, results show Huppenthal with about 41 percent of the vote and opponent Diane Douglas with about 57 percent.

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-Garcia Accuses Huppenthal of Flip-Flopping on Common Core

At tonight's Republican primary results party, Huppenthal said he plans to support Douglas in her bid for the seat. He cited "vociferous opposition" as the reason for his loss, but said he does not believe his controversial blog posts had anything to do with his defeat. He cited Common Core as the key issue in this election. "It swamped all these other things," he said.

In the Democratic primary, ASU education professor David Garcia claimed victory over opponent Sharon Thomas, a teacher.

Garcia expressed confidence about his chances in the general election. In a press release, he called Douglas "a single-issue candidate, described by the Arizona Republic as having a depth of knowledge about education that 'rivals a cardboard cutout.'"

Huppenthal said he plans to use the time he has left in office to "create a smooth transition for whoever comes after me."

"I've been working really hard at the Department of Education, and that's what I'm going to do for the next four months," he said.

Huppenthal said it's too early for him to decide whether he will run for office in the future.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

The reason that conservatives are against the Common Core is because they will be less likely to be able to eliminate the teaching of evolution from the classroom - The project is  Code Named "States Rights".  The politicians pander to these ignorant bastards who are all to happy to participate financially in their campaigns.  Folks - these right wing radicals are dangerous to our society - their ultimate goal is to get hold of nukes and wipe out muslim nations as much as possible.  We can't let them do this - they will destroy the earth's environment which we enjoy today.  They think it's their destiny to destroy this planet's ability to sustain life so God will be forced to kick off the rapture. 

If you think I'm overstating the case, please visit:


Now he can be a " spokesperson " for charter Schools , That's what he was doing on state time...He will get paid for every student enrolled there..


Huppenthal pick up your trash signs up in the West Valley bucking scrubs :) your signs are blocking the LOS on street corner's scrub 


that's what happen when you got a big mouth and too much free time "falcon9" but don't worry you can now post your shit all you want with freedom, we'll be expecting to see you in these blogs soon. Welcome back to the blogs falcon9!


He is getting some much deserved karma!


A horrible, horrible man who never spent a day in the classroom and should of never have been in charge of our education system.

WhoKnows topcommenter

I just hope whoever wins in the General, the new head of PUBLIC instruction supports public instruction and not tax dollars to private schools..


You can "stick the Fork" in Huppenthal future political aspirations


I'm a retired teacher, and I think the major reason so many are upset about Common Core has to do with them thinking it's something entirely new.  It's not.  Many elements of CC have been used in America's public schools across the nation for the past 20 years.  The main thing CC tries to do is format/create a nationwide/standardized curriculum so that if a kid moves from MN to AZ, s/he won't experience educational shock and feel out of step in his/her new school. For example, if a Fourth Grader moves from one state to another, s/he can expect to be learning the same thing in the new Fourth Grade classroom, whether it's fractions, state capitals, or meeting specific goals in reading.  Before CC, a student who moved from one state to another, would often find him/herself totally out of step in his/her new school and unfamiliar with what the students were learning. CC seeks to remedy this situation. 

CC isn't meant to take power or freedom away from states, schools, or parents, and it didn't begin in the federal DOE.  It's the brainchild of American governors, some of whom are still in office and have since rejected it in order to advance their political careers.  In fact, each state can tailor the standards to its' liking. The problem is that some with huge pocketbooks, big media platforms, and loud mouths, who don't have any training in any field of education, have decided to sell their interpretation of Common Core.  It was recently revealed here in GA that many of the politicians who have been opposing CC don't know what CC entails.  They've simply been listening to the rhetoric of others who don't understand it either.  One would hope and think that anyone who occupies a public office would take the time to understand issues and place the education of students above their political ambitions, but many don't.  They choose the easy way and either repeat what someone they "like" has said or what some interest group which contributes to their campaign coffers believes.  Our GOP state school superintendent pulled the cover off the lie being peddled here about CC by the head of GA 's Concerned Women for America last week when he said that she knows nothing about CC, and that she's spreading lies to raise money for CWA.  If I had been standing next to him when he said this, I'd have shaken his hand and thanked him for having the courage to tell the truth.

Cozz topcommenter

ByeBye Huppendick...



66rock topcommenter

@bgoad How often you going to post this,yikes?


@cugagcmu80 that's exactly right!... it's the GOP that complains about CC but offer no solutions or ideas or why exactly it is so bad, just the same old scare tactics "is Obama's fault!" but I wouldn't expect any less they're the Stupid Party!

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