Facebook Down for a Few Minutes: Did the World Survive?

Facebook went down this morning in an apparent worldwide outage, throwing social media users into a panic and boosting the use of rival site Twitter.

With no Facebook on which to share thoughts for -- what, about 23 minutes? -- Twitter was abuzz with various quips and laments about the temporary freeze-out.

"There go the five most productive minutes of my life," Simone Sebastian tweeted when the service came back online just now.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, was down, too.

What did you do for those 25-or-so minutes -- besides refreshing your browser and tweeting?

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What? No Facebook for a whole few minutes? OMG tell me it aint so


eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It must have been an agonizing 25 or so minutes for some users. Since I eschew social media, it couldn't care less about the outage. But here is an all-encompassing comment about social media. It can't help you get a job, but it sure can keep you from getting a job if you put something stupid on it. Your "friends" can be fickle. Sometimes they even tell you how worthless you and and may even suggest that you off yourself. Or they put such bad shit on you that you're driven to tears. Last but not least, FB's security settings are far from reliable. So if there's anything about you that you don't want to become general knowledge, don't post it there. Then, if that weren't enough, FB might censor something you posted. Be careful not to use flag words such as "breast," not even breast of chicken. Pissing off the "volunteers" at FB can probably get you kicked off the system for the most minor Terms of Service violation. If that happens, there's really nothing you can do to defend yourself except to start over with a brand new handle. Finally, kids, I can't think of any better way to waste time than spending time on Facebook. There are plenty of hook-up sites on the Web, such as Adam4Adam. From what I understand, studboi1 thinks it's great. Of course now, I was just citing an example of what's out there if you're so inclined. My question is: Will FB go the way of MySpace? It was the hot ticket not so long ago, although many so-called "millenials" might never have heard of it. In closing, all I can say is have fun while you can because it's inevitable that FB will be a distant memory in the not too distant future. Fads come and go, as everyone knows.

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