Documentary Questions Whether Drug Lord "El Chapo" Guzmán Actually Was Captured

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Not everyone is convinced that drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, head of Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel, actually was arrested by authorities earlier this year.

Documentary filmmaker Charlie Minn, who's produced several movies about drug violence in Mexico, says he went to El Paso, Texas, after hearing of Guzmán's arrest in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, and it didn't take long to hear people's disbelief.

"I heard people kind of mumbling, 'I don't think it's him,'" Minn tells New Times.

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Guzmán's capture was a huge deal. After Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, Guzmán replaced him as the most wanted fugitive in the world. He had been captured before but escaped from prison in 2001, and there were multimillion-dollar rewards for his capture.

After his latest arrest earlier this year, officials said fingerprints, DNA, and handwriting analysis all prove the man they arrested is indeed El Chapo. Plenty of people remain unconvinced.

The Los Angeles Times cited a poll of Mexicans that found about 42 percent of people believed Guzmán had indeed been arrested, whereas nearly 41 percent said he had not.

Minn says this belief seems to lie in the general belief that Mexican officials can't be trusted, but admits that hearing from people during the making of his film, ¿Es El Chapo?, has made him a little skeptical as well.

The public hasn't seen Guzmán since his arrest, as he's being held in a Mexican prison. There are no plans to extradite him to the United States, where he's wanted several times over. Some say the photo of him taken at the time of his arrest doesn't look like him. The Sinaloa Cartel hasn't seemed to suffer with his absence. He had an estimated net worth of $1 billion, yet his condo in Mazatlán looked extraordinarily cheap.

Minn says the film is another attempt by him to capture the drug war through the eyes of Mexicans who are seeing it firsthand. His previous films focused on events around Juarez, the onetime murder capital of the world.

"The political angle [of looking at the drug war] is expected and that's fine, but I wish more people would look at the humanitarian aspect," Minn says. "Let's talk about human lives for a second . . . my films tend to do that.

While investigating people's disbelief in Guzmán's capture, Minn says he was surprised to find that a whole lot of people actually like the guy, as many people believed Guzmán helped the poor, created jobs, and protected and built up smaller communities.

"What shocked me the most about this film was how loved he was," Minn says. "It would be like people in Phoenix lauding the Baseline Killer. I guess the only difference there is that the Baseline Killer didn't donate to the poor."

Minn says his film is showing at the Harkins Valley Art on Mill Avenue in Tempe for a minimum one-week run starting August 22. Check out the trailer below:

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Orlando G Junior
Orlando G Junior

Absolutely not, Forbes, rated him one of the richest & most powerful man in the world, he owns parts of government from police, military & all the way to top officials on both sides of the border. so with that said it's all about that $$$ so why would either side want him behind bars. It's been proven many times over that we need that underworld on both sides of the border, to much $$$ involved

Brandon A Tacia
Brandon A Tacia

Of course they did, but I'm sure one of his family members or friends will be taking over the business! That's what always happens I mean come on... These drug Lords have people digging tunnels across our boarders that are miles long, have electricity, and AC... Do you honestly think just because you arrest one person the drugs "poof" disappear? Or the people producing these drugs just fall off the face of the earth? I hate to be negative but let's face facts... You arrested one big bad guy... Congrats on that and a job well done. But now they need to focus on finding who is in charge NOW.

Kenn Kanniff
Kenn Kanniff

Even if he were captured it would not reduce drug use or availability or gang violence over drug sale/territory disputes. Only gullible, naive quacks like Kimmy Yee (and her supporters) are dumb enough to believe that type of garbage.


"What shocked me the most about this film was how loved he was," Minn says. "It would be like people in Phoenix lauding the Baseline Killer. I guess the only difference there is that the Baseline Killer didn't donate to the poor."

More differences: the Baseline killers didn't employ a whole lot of otherwise poor people. The Baseline killers weren't engaged in a large, profitable business.  The Baseline killers' only business was murder, while Guzman killed mainly for self preservation and the preservation of his business.

Wake up, Minn. Remove your cultural blinders. Consider the historical precedents during the history of our various prohibitions.  I remember visiting Chicago some years back and being a bit surprised about how Al Capone had been memorialized. In retrospect, though, it makes sense.

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