Doug Ducey Promises to "Set Arizona on a Better Path" if Elected Governor

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Images: Ray Stern
Doug Ducey and Governor Jan Brewer
Doug Ducey promised on Tuesday night to "set Arizona on a better path" following his decisive win in the state's GOP primary for the governor's race.

Ducey spoke to an excited crowd of Republicans at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix after his closest competitor in the six-way primary race, Scott Smith, conceded defeat.

Hitting several GOP-platform highlights, Ducey vowed to take "the best practices of schools, public and charter, and make them standard across the state," adding that he supports "local control" and "free choice for parents." He blasted the "era of Obamacare... and false promises," and criticized the national debt.

"We will make Arizona a shining example of spending discipline," Ducey said, drawing lackluster applause with that line.

Governor Brewer applauds for Doug Ducey; she had endorsed Mesa Mayor Scott Smith for the GOP primary.
One of Ducey's strongest campaign points was his own success at business. He's the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, a company founded by Donald and Susan Sutherland that began with one store in Tempe and grew to a worldwide franchise with hundreds of outlets.

Originally from Ohio, Ducey came to Arizona in 1982 to attend Arizona State University. He graduate with a bachelor of science degree in finance. Ducey's family, including his wife and three sons, joined the candidate on stage.

Ducey must still go up against Democrat Fred DuVal in November's general election. But Ducey mocked DuVal's chances against him.

"I want to congratulate Fred on his big win," Ducey said haughtily. DuVal ran opposed in tonight's Democratic primary. "We know this guy is simply unstoppable, as long as he doesn't have an opponent."

A superstitious person might say that Ducey just jinxed himself. But after his landslide victory, he can be probably be forgiven for a bit of bluster.

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Mr. Ducey, whatever you do when you are elected governor, make sure one of your priorities is to use your influence to remove David Gonzales as US Marshal.  He has been in this position far too long.  He has become far too complacent.  He received this position through his wife's relationship with then governor and lesbian Janet Napolitano (hmmm...wonder what type of "relationship" this was??). Use your influence and get a change of blood in the US Marshal's Office.


The real "Winner" here is the Pride of the Racist Arizona G.O.P. Chris Simcox, Minute Man Leader, Child Molester, and best Pal of both Arpaio, and his new "Butt Monkey" Duochy.

Simcox should soon be getting a Governors Pardon for sticking his fingers in his own childs vagina.

Douchies B.F.F. Simcox will probably soon be the G.O.P. President?


By voting for Ducey, whose ONLY message was hating the Black President and Brown People, Arizona Republicans once again prove their ignorance and intolerance.


How can one GOP candidate change anything, they all have on blinders like a ole mule keeping them from looking to left or right, but straight ahead!:-)

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

i just want to see a headline about Andy no longer being in the running. that will be just as satisfying as the Horne one

TommyCollins topcommenter

@annarkey14 That's not entirely true. I would guess that many Independent and Republican voters cast their ballots for Ducey to set him up to lose to Duval. It could be they were less ignorant than you might imagine. 

valleynative topcommenter


That statement is, by far,  the most ignorant and intolerant thing I've read in weeks.



Arpaio didn't endorse his old bought, and paid for "Butt Monkey" Andy the Convicted Racist Sheriff found a new one.

"Desert Racist Wasteland" the Next Chapter?!



Tommy, in the 30 years I've lived in Arizona, sadly enough, I've seen hate and ignorance win out almost every time in this wasteland. I know my posts are exceedingly pessimistic about the political future here but  so far, history has proven me right,

I think that Ducey's message of anti-Obama and anti-immigrannt resonates among the knuckle draggers and will probably give him a victory over DuVal. They will vote for him based on these factors alone. 

Then next year, or the year after, when things aren't getting better, or there is another scandal, like the one with CPS,they'll scratch their ample asses and wonder why.

I hope I'm wrong but...........this IS Arizona.


Disliking Obama's policies does not make one racist. Nice try, though.

valleynative topcommenter

@annarkey14 @valleynative 

It took me a few minutes to correctly parse that poorly worded retort.  You should have learned to punctuate in the second grade.

That's not at all what I said, you know. 

I'm simply pointing out the irony that your claim that others are ignorant and intolerant is, itself, a marvelous example of ignorance and intolerance.



@DnicholsISaKooK ,

Come on, are you really that gullible? Arizonans can't spell Policies. Arizonans think SB1070 is a good thing. Arizonans think Joe Arpaio is a competent un-biased Sheriff. Arizonans regularly elect people who would like to be able to discriminate against gays  and use Jesus to justify their intolerance. 

Not racist my ass!

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