Bill Montgomery Leaves Name Off Campaign to Prevent Kids and Pets in Hot Cars

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Bill Montgomery's name doesn't appear in new public service announcements -- and he wants you to know it.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's new campaign to prevent people from leaving kids and pets in hot cars leaves one interesting thing out -- Montgomery's name.

Not one to turn a serious crisis into opportunity, Montgomery says he doesn't want "to mix up the message" by making it look like he's promoting himself in the campaign.

We were in the lobby of the county building at 301 West Jefferson Street, and he told us this just after the Q&A session wrapped up at his news conference, before reporters went outside to the street to see a billboard truck.

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"I've got a scoop for you," he said unexpectedly.

We had our hopes up for something juicy, frankly. We'd just asked him questions about a couple of cases, including whether any charging decision had been made in the pending case of Peter Steinmetz, the Barrow Neurological Insititute scientist who brought an AR-15 to Sky Harbor on July 25. (No news yet on that one, he said.)

No such luck.

Montgomery motioned to a yellow poster bearing the campaign's slogan, "Don't Leave Me Behind."

"Do you see my name on it?" he asked.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
Which, if you think about it, is a funny way to announce that you're taking pains to not promote yourself.

But okay, he gets a brownie point. There'll be no snarky columns from pundits who might accuse him of self-aggrandizement in this new campaign, which involves the billboard truck driving around malls and other places to remind people not to kill their kids and pets.

And after all, both of Montgomery's predecessors found trouble for spending money to advertise themselves.

Andrew Thomas, Montgomery's predecessor and the gubernatorial candidate burning public money to run bigoted TV ads, was motivated to target former County Supervisor Don Stapley because Stapley wouldn't let him put his name on an anti-meth campaign, according to the State Bar complaint that got Thomas disbarred.

Rick Romley was dinged for his 46-page 2004 annual report that cost $44,000 to publish.

Montgomery's not going to get caught doing stuff like that. When you see the billboard truck with the cute kid and cocker spaniel (about to fry due to bad parenting) don't think about Bill Montgomery. He wouldn't want that.

See the next page for complete text of Montgomery's Public Awareness Campaign:

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ExpertShot topcommenter

Ray, do you think that he tried to give you that scoop because he respects you or knows that you could not help yourself to write a story about it?  He played you to write a story which was favorable (in the least little bit) to him.  Score one for the wiley politician and the dumbass reporter. . . . 

Tell you what Ray - want to do a story on government campaigns which target people who leave their pets or children in the car, then do one. 

But, please make it an investigative story that gives me a little more info about the history of these types of public service campaigns so we might get a better contextual impression of the effectiveness of them. Do they actually decrease car heat related strokes of children and pets - or do they just boost the reputation of the head of the agency which pays for them?

Investigative journalism - what a concept?

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Why isn't MontyPug promoting this campaign?

It's public safety, after all, and he's the county's top prosecutor.


Oh so he's the asshat who hired those billboard trucks that drive 10 miles under the speed limit and block all visibility on the roads.  Thanks, now I know where to leave my flaming bags of poop.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

its not really modesty if you have to point out you are not trying to promote yourself, so is it reverse psychology? is he hoping if he keeps his name out of the limelight till we see it on the ballot that we will forget what a piece of shit he really is??? is he hoping we will go support him if he doesnt solicit our support?? i think him doing his job correctly would have been a better approach


Dont you jsut love corrupt, bought and paid for politicians?


The perverse inverted  world of GOP politics. Where Good is Bad ,and Bad is Good...

ExpertShot topcommenter

@ConcernedCitizenAZ Is there a school I can go to that will educate me in how I can be a corrupt politician?  Lot's of people seem jealous of them and they make a lot of money - could be a good career path.  Just thinkin. . . .

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