Top 10 Arizona Primary Races to Watch

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Dwight Burdette
Today is Arizona's primary election, and there are plenty of races to keep an eye on.

Below, check out our picks of the top 10 races to watch as the results roll in tonight:

10.) Congressional District 9: Republican

Wendy Rogers/Facebook
Wendy Rogers.

This race between retired Air Force pilot Wendy Rogers and former ASU and NFL quarterback Andrew Walter will decide who's taking on Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema in November.

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Chase Anderson
Chase Anderson

The ones that will keep the GOP's foot on the throats of these moronic liberals. Glad I live in a state where the adults are still running things.

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

The democrats are not better than the republicans, dont forget, theyre all career politicians.

James P. Krehbiel
James P. Krehbiel

The obsolete, conservative policies of these candidates sicken me.


Now is the time to send Douchie to the cooler.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

So, the three biggest unindicted criminals in all of Arizona, an F -list "actor" and a washed up "rock star " who referred to the president of the United States as a 'subhuman mongrel' are all supporting this idiot Morrissey.

Makes me glad I don't support this douche bag.

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