Arizona Ordered to Pay Up for Under-Funding Public Schools

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Matthew Hendley
A Maricopa County judge has ordered the state to fund public school districts to the levels mandated by voters, meaning Arizona has to pay up about $300 million this year.

The courts have sided with school districts that argued the Legislature was under-funding schools, based on a 2000 voter-approved law that required certain increases in education funding, reflecting increases in inflation.

"This follows up on the heels of the court's decision on July 11, in which [Maricopa County] Judge [Katherine] Cooper held that the Legislature had to fund the correct inflation amount going forward -- for this year and years subsequent," Arizona Center for the Public Interest attorney Timothy Hogan tells New Times.

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Since the courts have decided that lawmakers incorrectly set the "base level" of per-pupil funding for school districts, that means education funding must be higher than planned for the next several years -- about $1.6 billion higher, over five years.

The Legislature goofed on this issue starting in 2009, and since each year's funding increase relied on the previous year's, the funding hasn't been correct since then. That left the base level at about $3,373 for the 2013-14 budget, although it should have been at about $3,559.

On top of that, there's still the issue of whether the state owes the school districts for the previous five years that it bungled the funding. That's not settled yet, but it could cost the state $1.3 billion.

If you're keeping a running tab, that's nearly $3 billion the state could be on the hook for, and that's not a sum the state keeps lying around.

Hogan says the issue of back-funding goes to trial in October, and in the meantime, Governor Jan Brewer has said the state is appealing the ruling.

Interestingly, although this law was passed by voters as Proposition 301 back in 2000, it actually was drafted by the Legislature that year, so the body ended up disregarding the law it wrote.

That proposition stated:

If approved by the qualified electors voting at a statewide general election, for fiscal years 2001-2002 through 2005-2006, the legislature shall increase the base level or other components of the revenue control limit by two per cent. For fiscal
year 2006-2007 and each fiscal year thereafter, the legislature shall increase the
base level or other components of the revenue control limit by a minimum
growth rate of either two per cent or the change in the GDP price deflator, as
defined in § 41-563, from the second preceding calendar year to the calendar year
immediately preceding the budget year, whichever is less, except that the base
level shall never be reduced below the base level established for fiscal year 2001-

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Douglas Conder
Douglas Conder

Michael Vogt well maybe we subs will get a little of this, you know this problem goes back a long time, especially bad in the Native American schools.

Adriana Saburi Delgado-Sanchez
Adriana Saburi Delgado-Sanchez

The state's current leadership should feel embarrassed and ashamed. The state is a complete joke anyways, this news is just affirmation. #votesmart come Election Day.

Tanette Wiersema Weaber
Tanette Wiersema Weaber

Umm...teacher's still have to buy some of their supplies. ..even at title 1 schools.

Tom Corpron
Tom Corpron

If Brewer or the legislature doesn't have to follow a judge's order, why should the rest of us?


Guess this proves republicans are not the fiscal geniuses they swear they are, but then we democrats knew that when Herbert Hoover over saw that fiasco and Bush oversaw the latest one nationally, Brewer can be thanked for this one and her cronies like the present Attorney General who is maybe going to be a cell mate to Texas Governor Perry soon!


Brewer stop "Private Prison Profiteering", and fund our Schools?!!

You worthless old Tea Hag.

Richard Salguero
Richard Salguero

Schools have been short changed for decades I can remember teachers having to pitch in and buy school Supply's.....

Jim Naumann
Jim Naumann

$300 million this year, 1.3 billion for the last 5 years, maybe the Gov will ask for the tax breaks back??

Jim Naumann
Jim Naumann

Hey mr. tobin, where's the money ???


They cut the funding to lower business taxes.... You know, Amazon doesn't make enough already!  I think Intel needs some more cash also, and while your at it, lets look downtown PHX for poor people we can squeeze a buck or two out of.  From Mississippi to South Carolina, to Arizona... just keep'm stupid and hungry... and they will vote for the GOP!

Doug Hughes
Doug Hughes

Thanks Jan Brewer. Open up your wrinkly wallet you old bag.

Cozz topcommenter

Finally, an honorable judge not obligated to politicians that will hold these assholes feet to the fire.

Gotta love it !

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Are you telling me Arizona doesn't have the best schools or education system???? I find that hard to believe............did Brewer go to school here? Well.......for what little education she did receive. If so............yeah, our schools suck

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