Arizona's 10 Coolest Contributions to Science

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3.) Discovery of Canals


According to the Arizona Museum of Natural History:
The Hohokam were the only culture in North America to rely on irrigation canals to supply water to their crops. In the arid desert environment of the Salt and Gila River Valleys, the homeland of the Hohokam, there was not enough rainfall to grow crops. To meet their needs, the Hohokam engineered the largest and most sophisticated irrigation system in the Americas.
Other canal systems found around Arizona have given clues about civilizations even older than the Hohokam.

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Charlie Erb
Charlie Erb

"Were their any on our list..." really, Matthew?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

That jet skis are a contribution to science is a very dubious claim. That said, all Biosphere II proved is that it will be hard for humans to get along in space during long voyages. Other than that, whatever "discoveries" made during the Biosphere "experiment" are at best pseudo-science. Nevertheless, it makes neat tourist attraction.


Yep that does indeed make a lot of sense.

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