10 Weirdest Things That Have Ruined Your Commute Around Phoenix So Far This Year

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Police officers chasing birds on U.S. 60.
As if there wasn't enough traffic on Phoenix-area highways from people crashing into each other, there are also some weirder things that land on the highways and ruin your commute.

Thanks to the Arizona Department of Transportation's traffic cameras, we can show you the most bizarre things that have messed up your commute around Phoenix this year:

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10.) A semi on both sides of the highway


U.S. 60 to I-10 West ramp, August 11.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

About ten years ago a construction crane collapsed, blocking all southbound lanes of I-5 just before the 5/805 split in San Diego. Some cars were heavily damaged, if not destroyed. There were no serious injuries. That may be in part because some drivers saw it coming. As you might expect, traffic was tied up for miles. Actually, all the way past Carlsbad, about 25 miles. It took more than 12 hours to clean up the mess and get people moving again. Some drivers got tired of waiting and abandoned their cars.

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