Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz's Scottsdale Mansion Is Source of Political Trouble

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Satellite image of Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz's house in Scottsdale's gated Windgate Ranch.
Sam Katz, the longtime mayor of Winnipeg, Canada, has a mansion in Scottsdale that keeps getting him in trouble.

Katz has been raked by Canadian media in the past couple of days over reports that he collected two $600 tax credits for the home because it was listed incorrectly in Arizona as his primary residence.

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His office said the title company or the Maricopa County Assessor's Office were responsible for the mistake. A representative with the Maricopa County Assessor's Office, Robert Pizorno, told the news media that the county would seek the return of the tax-credit money.

Katz, who's been mayor of Winnipeg since 2004, often spends time in Arizona -- though he declines to say how much.

He bought the 4,400-square-foot Scottsdale house in 2012 from the sister-in-law of a Winnipeg developer -- a move that also sparked controversy.

Image: Wikipedia
Sam Katz, Winnipeg mayor, owns a 4,400-square-foot home in Scottsdale -- which for a time was listed in Arizona as his primary residence.

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Lorraine Levine
Lorraine Levine

Another snowbird. If you don't like the climate, don't run for public office.

Jo Ann Duman
Jo Ann Duman

The rich aren't like you and me. They steal and don't go to jail.

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