U of A Denies "Political Pressure" Played Role in Firing of Dr. Sue Sisley

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The University of Arizona isn't saying much about the firing of medical-marijuana researcher Sue Sisley, but officials deny any political motivations.

In an email sent to the Phoenix New Times in response to our questions this morning, a U of A representative also notes that the university has "championed" medical-marijuana research.

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Sisley, an outspoken MD who's been pushing to study how marijuana affects post-traumatic stress disorder patients, was told last month her contract with the U of A's Telemedicine Program wouldn't be renewed. She claims that Joe "Skip" Garcia, the University of Arizona's senior vice president for health sciences, told her that Senate President Andy Biggs had questioned Sisley's activism, and soon after she received the letter announcing her contract would not be renewed.

Here's what George Humphrey, a spokesman for the U of A, told us this morning:

"Dr. Garcia is out of town, traveling. Sorry, but the University of Arizona does not comment on personnel issues. However, you should know that the UA has not received political pressure to terminate any employee. Also in 2013, the UA championed state legislation to ensure that universities could perform medical marijuana research on campus.
(For your reference that was SB1443: Marijuana; postsecondary education; medical research. It was signed by the Governor on 5/07/13.)"

This doesn't explain everything, obviously. Hopefully, Garcia will shed some light on Sisley's claims, which seem to go beyond a typical "personnel issue," when he gets back.

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Oh, and if political pressure played no role, let's see what did, OK? Show us the files. I bet Dr. Sisley wouldn't mind full disclosure. The political types are the ones who most want to slide by without notice. I wonder whether it even occurred to them that a lot of people would raise a fuss over this?


Ah, yes, the old "More research is needed" ploy comes full circle. Wake up, people. The disingenuity of the prohibitionists becomes more and more blatant. Never was about health concerns, it's about Puritan morality.

Larry Gorst
Larry Gorst

An accredited science institute? I think not...


Too funny the week Will Humble is going to make his decision about adding PTSD to list Dr. Sisley get's axed by U of A. This clearly a politically motivated attack on Vets as well as people with PTSD. "Politics over Science". U of A there are not medicines available on the market  to treat PSTD and majority of symptoms! How about we support a Dr that actually cares about people and science! Furthering research to help vets and civilians!

Dr. Garcia I hope you sleep real good at night while people are battling this serious illness and taking there life while family's suffer! We need to stop thinking we know what's best for people that suffer from this illness. How about we listen instead of assume!

I hope your family members never suffer from this illness that destroys your life

GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Burning books would give a clearer indication of what Kavanagh, Biggs, and Yee hope to accomplish.  They are only for education when it comes to the destruction of our public schools and our universities. Arizona students already have the lowest per pupil expenditures in the entire nation.  These inquisitionists value knowledge and education only when it suits their greed.  Their actions insure that high tech companies that want to encourage creativity and innovative design will look elsewhere for their workers.  Intolerance and arrogance do not mix with or compliment creativity and innovative design.  These jihadists do not want the voters to  make an informed decision regarding cannabis in 2016 when Arizona is likely to legalize and regulate cannabis like alcohol.  They fund private prisons and spend more of our money to jail us than to educate us.  This alone is considered uncivilized and morally reprehensible most places on Earth. They think that if they can silence highly educated individuals who are familiar with cannabis and its benign nature that people will listen to them. Kavanagh, Briggs, and Yee all wanted to see this medicine kept from children and others who are now benefiting. Civilized people do not keep medicine from one another.  While these Bozos go after those who use medical marijuana they ignore the substances that kill people in Arizona. If these legislators cared even a little about the rest of us they would focus their efforts entirely on those substances that cause harm and that kill our fellow citizens.  THEY DO NOT!!!  We now have more people who die of prescription drug overdoses in Arizona than die of traffic accidents.  Organically grown cannabis is a natural, effective, and gentle herbal medicine that has never killed by overdose in 10,000 years of human use. In Israel and Croatia they give cannabis to their troops for PTSD.  It is clear that cannabis can benefit PTSD and that we need to know more about its effects. Kavanagh, Biggs, and Yee are evil, barbaric, and uncivilized jihadists that do far more harm than good to the people of Arizona.  They are not friends to public education nor do they support the accumulation of knowledge through the practice of science.  


Shame on UofA.  Dr Sue is a brilliant researcher, she will be an asset to any community. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@JustSayin ... more the reason she shouldn't waste her talents in a Desert Racist Wasteland.


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