Phoenix Leaders' Reaction to President Obama's Immigration Reform Speech


Mary Rose Wilcox, a candidate seeking election in Arizona's Seventh Congressional District, says she is "dismayed to hear that President Obama still has no concrete plan to pass comprehensive immigration reform and stop the devastating deportation policy that breaks up families and breaks our hearts."

Her statement comes after President Barack Obama stood in the White House Rose Garden and talked about a "new effort" to tackle immigration reform -- which the Feathered Bastard pointed out, includes speeding up the deportation of children.

Wilcox says Obama's speech fell short, and that, instead, "he needs to take immediate action to stop deportations."

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Wilcox's comments also come on the heels of criticism from Jose Penalosa, a longtime immigration attorney who is also running in CD7. During a candidate forum, the Independent candidate charged that Democrats -- including Wilcox and Ruben Gallego, another contender in the Congressional race -- were just paying lip service to immigration reform.

Watch his 90-second speech during last week's forum.

Gallego says he applauds Obama's "efforts to do what he can by using executive action."

"President Obama is recognizing that we can't wait for immigration reform," he says. "We need to immediately end the policy of deporting law-abiding immigrants and breaking up families, and I hope the President takes the necessary steps to end that hurtful practice."

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton says he hopes the President's decision to use executive action to address immigration issues "will encourage Congress to work out its differences and get the job done."

"Arizona has been waiting for far too long for Congress to take action and pass meaningful immigration reform that lifts our economy and brings so many out of the shadows," he says.

DJ Quinlan, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party, didn't address apparent efforts to speed up deportations, namely of the children coming across the U.S.-Mexico border.

"A majority of Arizonans and Americans support comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship and Democrats remain committed to passing such a bill in Congress," Quinlan says. "Unfortunately congressional Republicans have been stonewalling the bipartisan comprehensive reform bill since it passed the Senate last year with 68 votes that included Senators McCain and Flake's support. Arizona cannot afford to wait any longer. The time for action on immigration is now, yet House Republicans remain unwilling to do their job and give comprehensive immigration reform an up-or-down vote."

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All the beans Mary Rose Wilcox eats gives her brain farts.


I've got news for Mary Rose Wilcox, because of public outcry, Obama will not pass the kind of immigration reform that she and others want. I think that the Murietta, California protesters have contributed to his decision.  Obama plans to start deporting in-mass and do it fast.


Washington politicians continue to throw Americans under their immigration reform buses.

NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies simultaneously guarantee that Washington's crony US corporate investors will plunder the undocumenteds' home countries for riches while exacerbating labor-driven US illegal immigration too.

All of course are hidden under the guise of a humanitarian crisis that these same Washington profiteers not only help create but one that they laughingly see as a necessary cost of doing their greedy business too.

Of course the undocumented pay the price as American taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious, decades-old system of abuse. 
This mess is economically driven. Better yet, greed driven. The proverbial "have's versus the "have not's". What most people don't get is that our own government and the undocumenteds' home governments are behind this - and have been for many decades. Foreign elite export their poor to the US in exchange for billions of dollars in remittances sent back home. The US elite use the laborers (despite our laws) and send the medical, educational, and "border security" bills to the US taxpayers. That is the truth that needs to be exposed.


Mary Rose Wilcox is as naive and gutless as they come. Deportation does not separate families. It merely corrects errant, illegal activity - taking a foreign national who has circumvented immigration checkpoints and returning that alien to his or her home country. If the foreign national has offspring there is no law preventing the family unit from returning to the alien's point of origin. 

Deportation is justice. It is justice of legal immigrants, law-abiding citizens and for our country. 

john043012 topcommenter

According to Quinlan the majority of Arizonans and American's support immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. Quinlan has no proof to support that claim. The only way to prove what he says is to have a national vote let the people vote on it.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Obama is fairly limited by what he can do in terms of executive orders and immigration.

Personally, one thing the Senate's bill did not mention was how to tighten up the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. By forcing employers to actually make sure the ID's and Social Security numbers being utilized actually belong to the applicant, illegal immigration goes down. If employers are caught hiring illegal immigrants, the first time the employer must pay 4x the salary of the illegal(s) to the city, county, state and federal government.

The second time, the employer must pay 10x the salary of the illegal(s) to the city, county, state and federal government.

The third time, the employer loses his/her business.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Mary Rose: Your disparaging statement concerning Obama's intention to use whatever executive action he can is not helpful. Please rethink your position on this or face certain defeat in the primary.

fishingblues topcommenter


You are 100% correct.  It is the US government that is to blame, not the poor folks from south of the border (and other dregs who are slipping in).  Liberals cry phony racism while conservatives beat the straw man "illegal" mantra.   


@Gentle_Fern Mary Rose Wilcox is a fucking old sea-hag bitch!  The beans she eats gives her brain farts.

john043012 topcommenter

@Gentle_Fern Having children when knowing they are deportable has become part of their culture its an immoral act. They use those kids to justify their right to live here.

john043012 topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 With people like here ( Hispanic Activists) anything short of a complete amnesty with no qualifiers wont do.


@john043012 @Gentle_Fern Haven't you heard of the new "rent a kid"?  That's what's happening.  I bet if DNA was taken of all those moms and their kids, very few of it would match.

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