Peter Steinmetz, AR-15-Toting Barrow Scientist, to Hold News Conference on Monday

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Peter Steinmetz, the brain scientist arrested last week after bringing an AR-15 to the airport, plans to address reporters at a Monday news conference.

Steinmetz is scheduled to appear and give a public statement at 3 p.m. Monday at the law office of Marc Victor, 3920 South Alma School Road, Suite 5, in Chandler. He will appear alongside Victor.

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-Barrow Neurological Institute Puts Peter Steinmetz, AR-15-Toting Doctor, On Leave

The Barrow Neurological Institute, where Steinmetz works as a noted brain researcher, announced Wednesday it was putting him on administrative leave -- after deleting several references to him on its website.

A couple of Internet sites, and, reported today that Steinmetz has been "vindicated" and that charges have been "dropped."

However, it's too early to say whether Steinmetz will be charged criminally for what Phoenix police say were two counts of disorderly conduct with a weapon.

We asked the office of county attorney Bill Montgomery to comment on the status of the case. Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the office, responded, "No charging decision has been made. Investigation continuing."

The AmmoLand article, which does not back up its headline stating that the doctor has been "vindicated," does bring up the interesting point that the law Steinmetz is alleged to have broken requires either the intent or the knowledge to disturb the peace.

In court records, Phoenix police claim that the muzzle of Steinmetz's AR-15, which was fully loaded with a round in the firing chamber, became pointed briefly at two women in Terminal Four of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as he unslung the rifle from his shoulder.

Steinmetz "proceeded to remove the Stag Arms AR-15 from his right shoulder, thus causing the muzzle to face two victims sitting to the right," the booking sheet states.

Steinmetz hasn't yet commented publicly about why he took his rifle to the airport -- or whether he knew he would expose the Barrow Neurological Institute to publicity it didn't want.

Victor didn't want to get into the substance of Steinmetz's news conference just yet, saying the public will have to wait until Monday.

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David Briggs
David Briggs

Brain surgeon - no common sense. Really sucks, considering how many lives he saved. Idiot.

Mary Shoff
Mary Shoff

Vote the NRA out of office! They own the GOP. Vote Blue!

Mary Shoff
Mary Shoff

Vote Blue Arizona, or this madness will never end! GOP is the NRA. Vote the NRA out of office!


Marc Victor is a totally despicable attorney.  He stated publicly it's ok for baby Gabriel to continue to be wherever she is and away from her paternal parents.  I have no problem with his defense of the utterly despicable Elizabeth Johnson.  Even the lowest slime balls should be represented.  Being in support of the continued separation of Baby Gabriel from the paternal family is WRONG!!!!

Jeff Kee
Jeff Kee

This guy should not have a gun, he's obviously mentally unstable. Who bring an AR-15 to the airport? Airports are one of the safest place to be.

Patty Tusay
Patty Tusay

Why do criminals have press conferences?

Lucia Perry
Lucia Perry

He well knew that brandishing guns in an airport sends a visual/visceral message.


I would like to thank the good Dr. for taking the time to help send this message, and for being a responsible citizen.  What good could a right be, if you have no power to exercise it?  If it is legal to carry the firearm, why condem the man for doing it.  In the even that we see another Jared Loughner attack, I would WANT the good Dr. there with his AR-15 to protect the innocent. 

FACT - The police have no responsibility or obligation to protect an individual. 

FACT - You have a personal responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

FACT - You have a legal right to carry the firearm in this specific area.

Opinion - I think some overzealous liberal idiots saw the AR-15 and freaked out, perhaps pee'd a bit in their panties, when the Dr. unslung his rifle and the barrel perhaps moved in their general direction. 

Had the Dr. POINTED the rifle at anyone, it would be a lot more than disorderly conduct, it would be assault. 

I would be surprised if there was enough to prosecute anything - I have $5 that says charges get dropped and everyone runs away from the drama of the story and its questionable reporting. 

Richard Dickson
Richard Dickson

Will he bring all of his buddies from the NRA with him?

Heather Feaga
Heather Feaga

Let's give all the accused a press conference. He just wants an opportunity to get his job back. What a douche.

Stephen Guida
Stephen Guida

I'm sure that moron will say he was misunderstood, taken out of context, exercising his First Amendment rights, and is absolutely sure that the Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment fully intending to give douchebags the ability to carry an automatic weapon through an airport. You know, the usual gun nut "argument."

Quentin Dampier
Quentin Dampier

He is probably one of those people that are crazy book smart but common sense and life skills/knowledge isnt his strong suit. Clearly common sense didnt kick in when carry a ar 15 through the airport.

Mark Saw
Mark Saw

Douchebag doesnt deserve to have a press conference.

Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider

I don't want to hear what this idiot has to say. Actions speak louder than words.

Tyburn Gallows
Tyburn Gallows

He's gonna say that middle class white guys think it's tyranny because TSA looks at your carry on but not because there's 2 million people in prison, who are disproportionately not write and middle class and therefore don't matter on the tyranny index.


Ammosexual brain surgeon. 


The good Dr. Is the Anglo version of sal reza and randy parraz.

Make stupid decisions to purposely get arrested then litigate for a payout.

wherewasi topcommenter

Dr. Steinmetz will make one comment on two topics; performing brain experiments on your own brain, and carrying big guns into a busy airport to buy a cup of java.

"Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD."


Exactly Eric. Of course how manic would he have been if they Weren't loaded? He's crazy plain and simple.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

If this brain scientist is as smart as he'd have us believe, he had better do the following:

(1) Admit that he made a huge mistake.

(2) Say that he is genuinely sorry for all the trouble he caused.

(3) He sure as hell won't ever do that again!

(4) He's taking a leave of absence from the brain institute to spend some time in rehab.

(5) His and Junior's AR-15s will be sold at a charity auction.

(6) Promise to "behave" from now on! That will be the toughest part.


He'll get slapped on the wrist and transferred to Cali where Dignity has hospitals.

Any other person would have been hit with 2 1/2 year prison sentence $$$$ buy's power and good ass lawyers.


So the gun nuts think he has been "vindicated". Right. Cuz what we need are many more head cases hanging out at airports strapping. If this lunatic had pointed it at me he would be regretting it to this day. I've nothing against guns. Or people who own them. No one has boundaries anymore. I am sick to death of morons who think they can just do whatever idiotic stupid thing that pops into their teeny tiny brains. This is the real world. Not an episode of the Simpsons.


@jbrinkley It's not illegal to pick your nose in public.  Or scratch your ass. Or do a lot of other things.  People don't do them because they are civilized,decent and polite.  "Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD."

Carrying a gun in public, especially an AR-15, is designed to intimidate. There really is no other reason, except, perhaps, being a crazy asshole.   It's designed to make people alarmed and frightened - which they have good reason to be.  There's no reason to believe the guy isn't a mad man intent on one of our weekly massacres.  

Carrying a firearm into the airport is what most people feel to be completely nutty.  It should be illegal.  In that shameful absence, we have to hope the citizenry will exercise common sense and not bring such things.  

Most people, if they see a guy with a guy, would like to get away as fast as possible.  Among other things, it is just not polite.


True that. A disproportionate number of these ammosexual types are white men of a certain age and background, who basically want to walk around with their guns out because they are afraid (or aren't allowed) to walk around with their dicks out. 

That said, I seriously hope someone keeps an eye on this guy and gets him some psychological help. His mugshot gives me the creeps. He looks like the type who just might "Second Amendment solution" his family or his workplace once he gets fired....


@eric.nelson745 I love watching the reaction of the judge when he had his hearing that's how obsessed he is about guns he should take his ass down to the ER and see the results of people getting hit by Ak's and handgun's maybe his view will change.People that were innocent hit by gunfire because the shooter had NO proper training.

He never followed rules of the NRA which he says he took several classes but failed miserably.He would have not been in the headlines if he was not so ignorant trying to prove his guns right's.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@joysie What's worse is that (from what I understand) their guns were LOADED!


@bobunf Nor are picking your nose or scratching your ass constitutional rights.  Furthermore, in an actual scenario, with an actual "crazy asshole" present, I would much prefer the doctor be present and of sound mind and body to prevent said "crazy asshole" from hurting innocents. 

I appreciate your collection of opinions, but living with your head in the sand and pretending that you live in a perfect world and that the police will be there to protect you, is just naive. 

Considering all the stares, shitty looks, and general gawkery the Dr. must have endured, what he did is tantamount to standing up to a bully. 

Just because you don't agree with what he did does not make him crazy.  Just because you are unwilling or unable to examine your flawed paradigm - why take that out on us.  

What do you think someone intent on causing mass public harm feels when they see an upright citizen carrying his AR-15?  

Just remember, when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away, with no actual obligation to respond.

wherewasi topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 @joysie Yes, they were. Russell Pearce  would shed tears of joy that they were prepared and able to come to the defense of the innocents, if needed.


@jbrinkley @bobunf I don't think the evidence supports your faith in the armed amateurs rescuing the sheeple.  

The international comparisons are quite stark: we have more privately held guns per capita than any other country in the world - by miles.We also have the highest homicide rate of any developed counted - by miles - 4 times the median.  If people don't have guns, they're less likely to kill each other.

Closer to home, people who own guns are more likely to be victims of homicide than people who don't.

Guns per 100 residents, Murders per million residents

8950United States











238United Arab Emirates


169Czech Republic



3510Saudi Arabia









812United Kingdom



2315New Zealand









129South Korea



@jbrinkley @bobunf Maybe this will be easier to interpret:

Guns per 100 residents, Murders per million residents

89 - 50 United States

30 - 3 Iceland

30 - 5 Austria

1 - 5 Singapore

1 - 5 Japan

31 - 6 Norway

25 - 6 Bahrain

14 - 6 Slovenia

46 - 7 Switzerland

25 - 7 Oman

30 - 8 Germany

23 - 8 United Arab Emirates

19 - 9 Qatar

16 - 9 Czech Republic

12 - 9 Denmark

10 - 9 Spain

35 - 10 Saudi Arabia

32 - 10 Sweden

23 - 10 Greece

12 - 10 Italy

12- 10 Malta

4 - 11 Netherlands

15 - 12 Australia

9 - 12 Ireland

8 - 12 Portugal

8 - 12 United Kingdom

1 - 13 Poland

31 - 14 France

23 - 15 New Zealand

8 - 15 Slovakia

36 - 17 Cyprus

17 - 17 Belgium

31 - 18 Canada

7 - 21 Israel

25 - 22 Kuwait

45 - 23 Finland

15 - 25 Luxembourg

1 - 29 South Korea

5 - 36 Taiwan

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