John McCain Breaks Week-Long Absence of Arizona Politicians on Comedy Central

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Gage Skidmore

Senator John McCain has broken a nearly week-long streak of keeping Arizona off of Comedy Central's satirical news programs.

McCain earned a spot on last night's episode of the Daily Show for discounting the show's host, Jon Stewart.

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-Adam Kwasman: The Latest Arizona Politician to Appear on the Colbert Report

Last week, it was Republican Representative and congressional candidate Adam Kwasman on the Colbert Report for confusing a bus full of kids from the local YMCA for a migrant children from Central America.

This new Daily Show segment is based on McCain, in a Fox News interview, taking a shot at Stewart's relevance, saying he's not held accountable for when he gets things wrong.

Stewart shot back with a look who's talking.

To follow up on the cliff-hanger at the end of that clip, here's one such repository of that information: Politifact has recorded 30 half-truths, 29 mostly false statements, 38 false statements, and eight "pants on fire" statements (and this tracking only goes back to 2007).

Some of the greatest hits from the "false" and "pants on fire" files on McCain include his claims that he never called himself a maverick, that 1.3 million people make a living using eBay, that Obama supported bombing Pakistan, and that Obama's only accomplishment in education was teaching sex-ed to kindergartners.

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wherewasi topcommenter

Awesomely funny!  Jon keeps it real - I loved his bit about Pearce with his half-Mexican granddaughter during the BS1070 fiasco. "I have a granddaughter who's half Mexican ... and I'm SURE GONNA MISS HER."


What we have with John McCain is a pathological and compulsive liar, that tells one blatant lie after another, compounded with his senile dementia. It's time that the leadership of the GOP demands his resignation. He's no longer mentally competent to hold public office.

Cozz topcommenter

McCain does nothing better than be wrong.


Did Senator Mc Stain ever admit he was wrong for accusing undocumented Immigrants for starting the forest fire in southern Arizona that turned out to be caused by U.S. Citizen campers?

Blame, and Lies are easiest for most Politicians when trying to bolster a profiteering project.

After lying for so long Politicians start believing their own lies.

America needs two term limits for all Politicians, by the second term most are corrupted by power, and greed.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

McCain denying that he's a maverick was just the ultimate in dissembling. I used to like him. But I thought he made a big mistake in not taking up John Kerry's offer to be his running mate in '04. It could have been a very successful partnership. He certainly could have given Kerry some cover in shortening the Iraq war and concentrating on Afghanistan. But no. He became Dubya's bestie in the Senate. Tragic if you ask me.


The gift that keeps on giving 

WhoKnows topcommenter

If it's a tie, will they both have to watch 24 hrs of Colbert interviewing Palin?


@ConcernedCitizenAZ I think he lost the election because he picked Palin.  IMHO, that's a good thing, but I think that he showed he became more interested in kowtowing that standing up for his beliefs.  His one redeeming feature was his willingness to take unpopular positions.  He lost that, and then became irrelevant.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@MaskedMagician1967 McSame should be forced into having 3d sex with palin, if you ask me!  And in that VR, she'd look like a moose!

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