Ian MacDonald, Alleged Killer of Tyrice Thompson, Jailed Again After New Incident

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The man accused of fatally stabbing former ASU wide receiver Tyrice Thompson outside a Scottsdale bar last year has been arrested again, this time for another allegedly violent incident.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Ian MacDonald -- who had been released from jail on the murder charge last year on just $75,000 bond -- is now accused of assaulting his girlfriend and a dog, as well as threatening two people with a firearm.

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In a probable-cause affidavit, the responding officer says he was responding to a 9-1-1 call placed at a house in Mesa, where MacDonald, 27, answered the door.

MacDonald told the officer that a person he didn't know had pounded on his door with a gun, which led him to call police. Officers then separated MacDonald, his girlfriend, and a roommate, and interviewed the three of them individually.

The girlfriend said that MacDonald "went crazy" after they got home from a nearby park, where they had just been cited for drinking alcohol.

"She stated that Ian got upset with their dogs and threw one of them against the wall and also kicked another dog," court documents state. "The female victim went over and was trying to pick up her dogs to prevent further abuse when Ian struck her in the nose with his open hand which caused her nose to bleed and become red."

She told police that there was no person pounding on the door, but MacDonald had picked up a handgun and started walking around the house.

The roommate told police that he "knows that Ian has a temper," so while MacDonald was arguing with his girlfriend, the roommate removed the magazine from MacDonald's handgun.

The roommate said MacDonald pulled out that gun "and held it down next to his right hip and faced both of the victims who were approximately fifteen feet away."

"Ian just stared at both of them for approximately thirty seconds and then placed the handgun on the floor," court documents state.

The roommate then tried to stealthily dial 9-1-1, and MacDonald apparently knew what he was doing, forcing him to call back the police and tell them nothing was wrong. However, the responding officer was already on his way, and when MacDonald answered the door, he told the story about someone banging on his door with a gun.

MacDonald was arrested, and will not be eligible for bond this time. He was booked on charges of disorderly conduct with a weapon, failure to comply with a court order, assault, false reporting to law enforcement, and mistreatment of an animal.

MacDonald, a Marine Corps veteran, was arrested in February 2013, accused of stabbing Thompson five times on January 27 while Thompson was working as a bouncer at the Martini Ranch bar in Scottsdale. Thompson died from his injuries a few days later.

The stabbing occurred after MacDonald and his then-girlfriend were kicked out of the bar. A witness told New Times that MacDonald was "being a dick" at the time of the stabbing, flailing his arms and screaming obscenities as security attempted to escort him out of the bar.

At a release hearing, a prosecutor offered a lower bond than requested by Scottsdale police, citing the facts of the case, including no direct witness to the stabbing. The judge said that she took into account MacDonald's military service when decided his bond of just $75,000, considerably lower than the $1 million requested by police.

Ian MacDonald.

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How many articles have been written about blacks that kill white people? I can't recall very many.

Jazon Parker
Jazon Parker

75k dollar bond on a murder charge...fukn ridiculous...this guy would kill again.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I know something that's TOP SECRET, Ian. I'll tell you but I won't kill you. You are fucking toast. One way or another, asshole, you're headed to prison. And I never thought I'd say this, but I don't thank you for your service.


good thing he didnt have a joint!!...........that would have been a real crime!

teknik topcommenter

we hold cleaning ladies without bond and let killers loose to reek havoc on people.

nice way to be tough on crime.

Adam Mandell
Adam Mandell

This piece should have already been where he is now


This jackass will get to do his time in the part of the jail where veterans go. They get extra privileges and have better living conditions than the rest of the inmates. Is this fair? Does this guy really deserve a plush stay behind bars? If the sheriff was truly tough on crime, he would treat all criminals the same. The victims of this man dont get the luxury of having benefits extended to them, so why should he?


@teknik  I think you meant "wreak" not "reek" but you have all day on here to post comments without checking your spelling so you are probably right. #4thgradewastough

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