Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers Fails to Convey City's True Stance on Gaming at Senate Hearing

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Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers testifies in Washington, D.C. at Senate Committee on Indian Gaming.

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers was among several individuals who testified before a U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on Wednesday regarding plans by the Tohono O'odham Nation to build the West Valley Resort, a resort-style casino near 91st and Northern avenues.

Although Weiers had pledged to convey the city's newfound support for the Nation's proposed casino and gaming on their swath of land, he devoted two sentences to Glendale's official stance in his nearly six-minute speech.

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In fact, he tried to dilute the city's support for gaming and the Nation's project by telling the committee chairman that the only reason Glendale now supported the casino and gaming is because "just recently one council member switched his vote."

"My point I'd like to make is, 'Should one person make a difference for the entire state and affect all the Native American tribes we have in Arizona?' I think not," Weiers told the committee.

Indeed, Weiers thinks not.

Weiers' belief that "one person" -- in this case, Councilman Gary Sherwood who switched his position and now supports the casino project -- shouldn't make a difference is beyond ridiculous. And, quite hypocritical given that Weier's wasn't making that argument when that "one person" was tilting the scales against the Nation's West Valley Resort and Casino.

Weiers told the committee that "last week, after the Interior Department's decision to take T.O.'s land into trust, the City Council voted 4-3 to repeal our 2009 resolution opposing the casino and passed a new resolution. This new resolution says that Glendale 'does not object to the Trust Land being utilized for gaming.'"

But he fell short of his pledge to clearly represent the official position when he started speaking on behalf of the City Council as a whole:

He testified that "with few choices left, a slim majority of my Council felt that we had to come to the bargaining table with T.O. Our choice was not ideal: continue to fight and hope for action from this body, or give in to this casino being forced on us. It is frustrating to be a city of our size and have no voice on a casino proposed by a tribal government more than a hundred miles away."

Our choice was not ideal? Give in to this casino being forced on us?

It's clear that a majority of the Glendale City Council is welcoming this casino with open arms, and yet Weiers characterizes it as though they're being trampled upon.

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Glendale residents already ran one RINO outta the mayoral seat. Time to make it a 2-fer. Weiers is, was, and has the goal of being a career politician beholding only to his own bank account.


Glendale and Elaine made their own problems on the Coyote deal. But the Tribe has manipulated, twisted, obfuscated, and stretched, every law, every agreement, every spirit of negotiation to get what they wanted all along, a big casino in the urban market. They bought the land secretly, they have no historic presence this far from Sells, they brow beat Interior to put this land into Trust, they twisted the gaming compact 10 different ways to claim this is OK. And they talk like crooked GOP legislators, "it's all legal!" I have no doubt at this point they will get this casino, whether their neighbors want it or not. But the whole process stinks. I would not agree with the nut job Franks on anything, but he is right for once.


These career politicians never learn. Franks is the biggest crook of the bunch, and Weiers knows well the state of the CoG finances. Right now there are big clouds of dust blowing off the vacant lot at 91st ave. and Northern. peace

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Weiers = Liars. I hope that other witnesses made it clear that Weiers was dissembling in the most egregious fashion.


@royalphoenix I'm just surprised that Franks had any connection at all if the subject wasn't abortion. He's the captain of the vagina police.

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