Fred DuVal, Democrat in Governor's Race, Joins Chorus Calling for Obama to Visit Border

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Fred DuVal.

Fred DuVal, the presumptive Democratic nominee in Arizona's gubernatorial race, has joined the chorus of politicians -- many of them Republicans -- in calling for President Obama to visit the border.

DuVal certainly isn't the only Democrat calling on Obama to make this border visit in the wake of the influx of Central American children arriving at the southern border, which the president has referred to as a "humanitarian crisis." Obama has said that he's well aware of what's going on at the border, and doesn't need to make a visit for a "photo op."

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DuVal released a statement on the crisis last night that you wouldn't be surprised to hear out of any of the GOP candidates for governor:
"I'm glad the president continues to speak out, but the reality is that the federal government - administration after administration - has failed to secure our border, and Arizona has been left with the tab and a humanitarian crisis of more than 1,200 children housed in concrete warehouses near Nogales. Congress refuses to fix our broken immigration system by passing the reform law that Arizona and America need - and we need it right now.

"Mr. President, I'm not interested in photo-ops either, but we have a crisis on our hands and we need immediate action. I'd like our Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, to bring you down to Nogales to see firsthand what Arizona is dealing with."
It's not like Arizona's last Democratic governor, Janet Napolitano, was an über-lefty on the immigration front either.

We haven't heard much from DuVal on immigration. Granted, he doesn't need to say too much right now during his one-man primary race, but immigration isn't among the issues on DuVal's website, which includes plans for advancing the economy, continuing to reform Child Protective Services, ethics reform in state government, proposed expansion of veterans-assistance programs, and a new focus on funding education in Arizona.

DuVal did however comment earlier this week on Governor Jan Brewer's driver's license ban for those participating in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, calling it "callous" and "an embarrassment," and hailing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision to block Brewer's executive order.

So DuVal's not exactly eating scorpions for breakfast either.

Naturally, each of the GOP candidates for governor have had harsher words for the Obama Administration on immigration.

As the race to be Arizona's next governor continues, and the six Republican candidates keep battling it out for their party's nomination, DuVal's campaign has saved up more campaign cash than anyone else in the race.

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Arizona like many border states have become a magnet for the social misfits from all over America, many call themselves many names such as sovereign citizens, oath takers, minute men, etc. the list is lone and way to much space would be wasted listing them, any half wit can go to southern poverty law center and see the lists of these social misfits who sadly are a curse on America but like a roach one cannot eradicate them, they simply have to be tolerated and controlled with pest tactics from time to time! The good thing is they truly are a minority smaller any in America thank god, imagine if they had real numbers behind their insanity!

Dontbelieveit topcommenter

Folks .......if elections go as before.......... THEY (our thems) will DECIDE what is best for us and PICK who THEY want . I seriously think the election process has fallen to some kind of JURY RIGGING and manipulation by OUR THEMS. REMEMBER pearces sham election EVERYONE knew the BITCH  was a SHAM but they (our thems) still went along. WHY WASN'T THE BASTARD ARRESTED AND IMPRISONED for this SHIT ...I've lived in Arizona ALL my life and have watched as the corruption spread and progress into a machine that knows no bounderies and has ABSOLUTETLY no feelings or remorse I Love this State ,But I hate What these people have turned it into! 


I'm sorry to hear this. I was hoping we might have one sane candidate out of the pack of what's running.  No, the president doesn't have to visit the border, but then I never criticized Bush for not personally showing up at the Katrina disaster either. Presidents don't travel alone.  They have Secret Service, staff, etc. that must go with them. It seems to me just as with Katrina issue, the Border Patrol has enough to contend with as it is, without having to deal with an entire presidential party and all the security, etc. that goes with that. 

I do worry about the idiots that are showing up packing guns. They're going to shoot the kids, is that the point?  We truly have turned into an country where insanity seems to rule.

I heard the perfect summation of the situation a couple of days ago, and I wish I could remember the congressman that said it.  When asked if he called the kids  refugees or immigrants, he replied, "I call them children."

TommyCollins topcommenter

Honestly, the whole piss and moan session about Obama visiting the border is just that, pissing and moaning with no hope for resolution.

If anyone in the world knows about the problems with people of all ages crossing illegally into the United States, it's the President. 

I have to agree there is no need for him to trek to the border for a photo op. That is something Mrs. Brewer would do and it would give her another lame duck opportunity to wag her finger. I doubt the President would set himself up for that again. 

I find it amusing that Mr. DuVal felt the need to jump on this karaoke wagon (the band has already played and left the stage). 

It's simply political gerrymandering, at it's best.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Interesting that Fred DuVal said what he said.

I agree that Obama should visit Arizona's border.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

We have finally gotten to see Fred DuVal. Still, however, we (and especially myself) know almost nothing about him. Is he a serious candidate, or is he this year's Dem sacrificial lamb? Has he being doing much campaigning? Ringing doorbells? Raising funds? Have his people been organizing rallies? I don't know but I doubt that he has.

TommyCollins topcommenter


Yes. No. No. No. No. No.

But I do receive a lot of emails from his campaign, if that helps. I'm not sure how I got on that list since I'm not a Dem. Must be from the Independent Party. I hear they are selling email lists.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@TommyCollins @eric.nelson745 I have another question. How do you call yourself the Independent Party when you field candidates under your banner of allegedly being independent?

TommyCollins topcommenter


That was a joke, Eric. That I know of there is no Independent Party, thus the joke. I am independent simply because it allows me to NOT have to vote in a major party primary. Thus, I can vote for the best person in a primary, or in the case with Horne, vote for the worst person to position him against a much better candidate in the primary. I personally don't want either Horne or Brnovich as AG. I hope this makes sense.

TommyCollins topcommenter


Sure can. In Arizona an Independent can request one primary ballot. Party of his choice. And then, of course, he can vote for whomever he wants to in the general election, parties be damned. For those of us who want to vote for the most qualified person, instead of party, it makes the most sense.

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