Congressman Gutiérrez's Staff Take Precaution Following Arpaio's Intimidation Tactics

Mary Rose Wilcox

Congressman Luis Gutierrez is expected to attend an immigration rally in support of Mary Rose Wilcox's campaign for a seat in Arizona's Seventh Congressional District.

And Gutiérrez's staff turned to the U.S. Capitol Police for advice after being made aware of a letter written by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio citing potential gun violence against political officials, the sheriff's "offer" to send his armed posse members to help "enforce all the laws" and his comments in the media about his "hope" that nothing happens to the Congressman.

"Talking about violence and public officials gets our attention, so we asked the Capitol police to look into it. They decided they would contact the FBI field office in Phoenix," says Douglas Rivlin, director of communication in the Congressman's Washington, D.C. office. "We don't know what, if anything, they're going to do with the information."

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A U.S. Capitol Police spokesman tells New Times they don't release any information about safety measures.

(Arpaio should make a note of how law enforcement works -- given that he sent out his offer to Wilcox for "security" and used his anti-immigrant lingo about "enforcing all the laws" via the press.)

Arpaio's thinly-veiled attempts at intimidating people from showing up at the event aren't going to keep Gutiérrez away, Rivlin says.

Gutiérrez, a national voice on immigration reform, has endorsed Wilcox's campaign.

"The Congressman is enthusiastic to come and stand with Mary Rose. He likes her a lot and he's looking forward to campaigning with her," Rivlin says, dismissing Arpaio's actions as others have as a "publicity stunt" and a "distraction."

He says that, while the office at times notifies local law enforcement in advance of the Congressman's visit, getting the U.S. Capitol police, which provides protection to federal lawmakers, was an extra precaution.

"These steps aren't typical, but it's also not typical that the [law enforcement] in the jurisdiction is doing the stirring up in the first place," Rivlin says. "What are we going to do? Call MCSO and say, 'Hey, this guy Sheriff Arpaio is going to send armed posse of his anti-immigration activists to the event.' It just doesn't make sense."

He says that as Gutiérrez's staff, they have to do their due diligence.

And, he says he believes that Arpaio's attempt at intimidating Wilcox and others have backfired because he's only drawn attention to the fact that "Mary Rose has stood up to him in the past ... and that she's a fighter against Arpaio and what he stands for. And that's one of the reason Luis Gutiérrez wants her in the U.S. Congress."

Click here for full details of Friday immigration rally at which Gutiérrez and Wilcox will call for President Obama to provide immediate relief through executive action in response to the humanitarian crisis of children from Central America arriving at America's border.

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Wilcox is sadly mistaken if she thinks she has a chance of winning.


Poor crybabies, what are they nervous about?


  I  respect  Mary rose W.  for her fight  against   sheriff joe  and always will. But times are changing and GALLEGO IS MY GUY ...PEACE

john043012 topcommenter

Mary should consider looking in the mirror before hamming it up in front of a camera, although maybe she doesn't care . At the very least she should get rid of her 5oclock shadow.


@john043012  Dam, after that comment ,I'm gonna get out the bottle of Hornitos Tequila...


@john043012  Well, how kind of you to offer Mary Rose fashion advise J-John. Being that you are an expert when it comes to female fashion because of the many years you have spent playing dress up, I'm sure it means a lot to her........ Do Fistee and JAFfy like the way you dress up for them.


@markie19  OK , I got ya. You work for Studboi1 ,and your Boss is a fraud...


@markie19 needs help expressing, let me:

Darrow's sister called Steve Bailey just about every day for help. Lacy said, "He is not like that. If he won't help me he would tell me." 

So I said, "Just have him tell me 'No!' and I will ask another. But I have all these crimes coming in and I need to give them out."

"He said 'No!'," she said, "He shook his head."

Was my phone about bugged? I was hoping so!

I said to Steve Bailey on October 7th, the day Darrow died, "Drink a shot! Smoke a cigar!" I left him that morn to mourn (THAT came in A LOT!) I asked him for NO help that day. 

Maybe Lacy lied? I did read her (and her allergies and medication.) Though, maybe she was working with the department? To set Steve up? He never got my two packets or messages (MANY!) or pass codes and messages about Jan and Ron Brewer. And reporting the assault (he does go on pass.) The last time I did not go to the law, someone was hurt AFTER me! I tried about TEN TIMES!

Read Markie McNight! (It'll hurt your brain!)

TommyCollins topcommenter

@markie19 Interesting story. Makes me wonder what Markie is trying to share..

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