ASU Preparing to Take Over the Thunderbird School of Global Management

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Arizona State University officials announced on Thursday afternoon that a deal was nearing completion to take over the venerable Thunderbird School of Global Management.

The deal would be beneficial to both institutions, their respective presidents claim. The international business school, founded in 1946, would become part of ASU's W.P. Carey School of Business, with new and existing Thunderbird degrees and programs being offered to students as soon as the Fall 2015 semester.

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"A letter of intent outlining the general terms under which the integration would take place has been agreed to by Thunderbird and ASU, and ASU is working diligently and productively towards a final agreement," ASU said in a news release on its website, where you can read glowing statements about the pending deal by both ASU President Michael Crow and Thunderbird President Larry Penley.

Thunderbird has about 750 students now -- supposedly, they'd be able to complete the degree programs in which they enrolled.

"Current and new" Thunderbird programs would be offered to students next year, taught by Thunderbird faculty -- who would all, by then, be working for ASU instead of Thunderbird.

Thunderbird also has online courses, which bodes well for Michael Crow's stated goal of obtaining 100,000 online students.

Combined with its recently touted branding merger with Starbucks, which vows to pay for part of its employees' tuition, the upcoming merger with a "global" business school makes it seem like Crow is bent on world domination.

It's good timing for ASU spinmeisters, anyway -- Wednesday's announcement will probably push the Ersula Ore headlines down in ASU's search-engine rankings.

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This is great.  I look forward to taking advantage of this.


@markie19 You really should seek help.  If you are on drugs or alcohol you should stop using them immediately as well.


ASU's a joke, everyone knows this. It's only a good school by "Arizona Standards" - which are low for education.


@kidcapri Oh really, then why in the tech industry are the engineering degrees from ASU held in such high esteem?  Because the education in engineering provided through ASU is exceptional thats why.  I'm not going to assume anything about you "kidcapri," but for others who may stumble across this, aim higher in your educational goals than quack degrees such as psychology,sociology, or clear channel radio gigs.

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