State: Cold Case Posse Can Use Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as Corporate Address

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It turns out that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Cold Case Posse can use the Sheriff's Office headquarters address in corporate filings, even though the posse's based somewhere else.

Rebecca Wilder, spokeswoman for the Arizona Corporation Commission, checked in with the agency's staff this morning at the request of New Times to find out why the posse's in "delinquent" status.

Her answer:

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The posse, like other Arizona corporations, is required to list a physical address in corporate filings with the state, not just a P.O. Box and address of a post office, as it did.

But the nonprofit company, famous (or infamous) for investigating the circumstances of President Obama's birth, can simply list its statutory agent's physical address instead of the corporation's real address, says Wilder.

The Cold Case Posse's statutory agent is Mike Zullo, and by contract or verbal agreement with the Sheriff's Office, (we're not sure yet exactly how that works) he's allowed to claim his address is 100 West Washington, Suite 1900, the MCSO HQ. (That's what he put he on the form, but it should be the MCSO's new address, 550 West Jackson Street.)

Wilder agreed it should be a simple fix for the Cold Case Posse.

Which is precisely what Mike Zullo told us this morning when we phoned him.

"Biiiiitch!" Zullo says upon answering his cell.

He didn't know it was us -- funny things happen sometimes when you block your caller ID. He'd just texted someone and expected someone else to call, he explains. He chatted with us for a few minutes about the corporate situation, letting us know that former Cold Case Posse member Brian Reilly, who'd reported the address violation, had created nothing more than a tempest in a teapot.

Sheriff Arpaio, Brian Reilly and Mike Zullo
"It really is a non-issue," he says. Asked if Reilly was a disgruntled employee, Zullo answers, "Oh, my god, is he." But he says it would be "out of school" to go into detail about what he has against Reilly, who he says was employed with the posse for only four weeks. (Reilly says he started work on April 17, 2012 and resigned on June 30, 2012, but did research for Zullo since September of 2011.)

The posse has a real, physical address, but doesn't want to reveal because of "safety concerns," Zullo says.

Naturally, before we hung up with him, we had to ask how the Obama investigation was going. He admits it was growing "long in the tooth," but didn't want to get into detail without Arpaio's okay. He's still "certain" his conclusions about Obama's documents being fraudulent are correct, he says.

All we can tell you is he's right about the corporation commission documents.

John Skabelund, a Tempe attorney who specializes in business law, says that it's common for companies to use their statutory agent's address instead of listing the company address. Law firms like his will be the statutory agent for a company for a yearly fee. In this case, the Sheriff's Office must have agreed to let Zullo use their address for receiving mail -- and, in particular, service of court documents. The statutory agent has the responsibility to notify a company quickly when a process server shows up with, say, a court summons.

We asked Reilly what he thought -- he's standing by his position that the Cold Case Posse needs to reveal its real address.

But that's apparently never going to happen.

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Hey Joe! You got nothing, and you've got no jurisdiction either. Why don't you start working on how you're going to pay back all of the county money you've spent? 


obots are too vain to work on nothing. there is something covered up, a Chicago way treatment of events, perhaps an entire life story. no big deal.


Long in the tooth... that's an understatement of epic proportions.

Dontbelieveit topcommenter

How can people be so fucking gullible .....They see the old fart in uniform .and a flag in the background and they are ready to believe ANYTHING HE SAYS  Amazing almost like a hypnosis act!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Oh hell, they'd have to be chainsaw killers to be held to account for anything, big or small, by their fellow Teathuglican mafia co-criminals on the Corp. Comm.


The Kold Kase Klan, which has never investigated an actual cold case for MCSO, is simply a fundraising arm for the geezer grifter Joe Arpaio.

Auxiliary posse volunteer wannabe cop Mike Zullo, who tells people to call him "lieutenant", is taking money from the right wing fringe for his race-based fake investigation into the "eligibility" of our first black duly elected president, all to spread hate and lies and to delegitimize President Barack Obama.

Yet he's produced absolutely nothing. His witnesses and "experts" all consist of birther blog commenters and other nutjob birthers who've been spreading a patchwork of lies about our president for the past five years. They, and Zullo, even discovered - now that we have a commander-in-chief who has actual African tribespeople in his immediate family - that you can't be president if you have only one American citizen parent. Which, of course, is complete bullshit.

Sheriff Joe should try to fight actual crime in his actual jurisdiction. Little Mikie Zullo should take his posse back to what "they" do best: contract bar-bouncing using official sheriff's cars (which he may or may not be curbing for personal profit on the side).

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

wait a minute......................are you saying this might be a scam? are you telling me old Mike might be talking out his ass? noooooooooooo...................that has got to be the first used car salesman i ever heard of that you cant trust............whats next? are you gonna tell me our atty general is unethical? balderdash i tell you, pure balderdash

Cozz topcommenter

Cold Case Posse, LOL...right...

How about Cold Case Con Job bilking people out of money for donations for Bozo Joe Arpaio.


Obama has less than 2 years in office. And all this ludicrous B.S. by these whiny Birthers wouldn't even matter by then. It's either produce the evidence now or never---put up or shut up.


The real address of the cold case posse is Zullo's mother's basement.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Isn't Zullo hiding his business address much like when the Joker tried to hide HIS business addresses?  You know, the case that prompted the Joker to ILLEGALLY go after the New Times?


Cockroaches do seem to prefer remaining in the dark.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 who says they would even hold a chainsaw killer accountable? unless you mean he was a civilian............yeah, sure, then they might (unless it was one of their buddies)

WhoKnows topcommenter

@Cozz You're correct.  This was just to get money for Joke  from faithful (WND = "We're Nutty Douchbags").  

But let us not forget, this clown show DID cost the taxpayers, for Zullo's trip to Hawaii where he was told to get lost faster than a 14 year old trying to get into a titty bar!

WhoKnows topcommenter

@marcy Zullu's mom kicked him out when he turned 45 and she caught him having oral sex with her dog.....  :o

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