Photos: Aftermath of the Slide Fire Near Sedona

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Coconino National Forest

The 21,000-acre Slide Fire that burned north of Sedona has created risks of falling rocks and ash and other debris being swept into water sources.

The Burned Area Emergency Response team has been tasked with mitigating various hazards caused by the fire, and one of the team's reports includes several photos showing the aftermath of the fire. For example, that's not a wintertime photo above, it's a thick layer of ash coating a hillside in the Oak Creek Canyon.

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"The team determined that values-at-risk to include life, property, or unacceptable cultural or natural resource degradation that may be threatened by future storms and has recommended emergency treatments," according to an update from the Forest Service.

About 46 percent of the 21,000-acre fire resulted in moderate or severe burning of the land, which can make soil water-repellent, increasing risks associated with the storms.

"BAER specialists described the predicted increased run-off and sediment erosion using the 25-year, 1-hour rainstorm (1.96"), potentially producing post-fire flows at two to eight times pre-fire flows," the update says.

Check out the photos the team took of the aftermath of the fire:


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Arinda Annex
Arinda Annex

It's Quiet Incredible and So Unfortunate, Efforts Sh'd be put in Place to Save the Nearby Lives incase.....

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