Ruben Gallego, Congressional Candidate in D7, Challenged Over 2008 Name Change

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Ruben Gallego at the lectern.

On the heels of a lawsuit filed to knock Cesar Chavez, a Republican turned Democrat formerly known Scott Fistler, off the 7th Congressional District ballot over his newly invented identity, comes another name-change complaint -- also against a CD 7 candidate.

This one is against Ruben Gallego in reference to his name change in 2008 from Ruben Marinelarena (his father's last name) to Ruben Marinelarena Gallego (his mother's maiden name).

Mary Rose Wilcox, who is also a CD 7 candidate, fully endorses the lawsuit against Gallego.

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The lawsuit alleges Gallego is "misrepresenting" himself to voters and that his nomination petition "does not state the candidate's actual name" rendering him ineligible to have his name printed on the official ballot.

"Upon information and belief, "Gallego" is not his actual complete "surname and given name or names," the court document states.

Except that it is, at least according to court documents we got our hands on.

A Maricopa County Superior Court document states that "done in open court on August 7, 2008," Ruben Marinelarena legally changed his name to Ruben Gallego. Marinelarena became Gallego's middle name.

Wilcox said in a statement that "anyone running for public office has a responsibility to do so in an open and honest way. My opponent has used the names Ruben Marinelarena, Ruben Gallego, Ruben Gallego Marinelarena, and Ruben Marinelarena Gallego at different times for various purposes since he moved to Arizona, a few years ago. A lot has happened under each of those names, and the voters have a right to know who a candidate really is."'

But court documents related to Gallego's name change are public record. (See the actual record at the end of the post.)

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Ruben Gallego is a went to the same school as George Bush. He is an elitist Harvard fratboy. He had his lawyers try to take every latino candidate out of the congressional race in 2014. He said he changed his name because his dad left when he was 11 years old. problem with that story is when he changed he still kept his dad's last name as his middle name. This idiot has a problem with women too, i think this man's whole life has been fabricated.


Ruben gallego is a shit head!


Ruben Gallego is a shit head!


I read somewhere that this woman is a mexican, though she uses an anglo sounding name. is that true?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Mary Rose, after all you've been through, I'm dismayed that you, of all people, would pull a cheap stunt like this. I've known several people who legally changed their names. In most instances it was to divorce themselves from the surname of an abusive or absent parent. Wanna know who else changed his name for that very reason? Gerald Ford, born Leslie King, Jr. Leslie King Sr. threatened to kill his mom two weeks after Leslie, Jr. was born. He only saw Leslie King Sr. once, when he was a young adult. Their brief meeting was not a pleasant one. Ford didn't want to be associated in any way with Leslie King, so his name was legally changed. The circumstances of Ford's name change were quite similar to Gallego's. So there, briefly is the story of two men who changed their names for a pretty good reason. Mary Rose, knock it off. This brouhaha that you started speaks ill of your character.


@confuzzled What woman? The story is about 2 men who changed their names to appear more 'spanish/mexican'.


@eric.nelson745 Oh come on, even you have to admit that changing your name in a spanish speaking area, while running for public office, to a spanish sounding name is NOT for abusive ex's or due to family members you don't want to be associated with.

This was done for purely political reasons on both of these mens parts, which amounts to voter fraud actually, or at the very least vote pandering which SHOULD be beneath any politician who is actually there intending to serve the people.

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