Pot-Smuggling Lookouts Found in the Mountains of Pinal County

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A traffic stop in February on the southern edge of Eloy led to law enforcement discovering that marijuana smugglers had lookouts hiding in the mountains, making sure authorities didn't come into contact with the people carrying the product.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office has just announced that sheriff's deputies and Border Patrol agents have found eight such lookouts hiding in the hilltops over the last few months.

This all started with that traffic stop south of Eloy, in which a 22-year-old Mexican citizen was pulled over while driving a Ford van the morning of February 20. When the deputy approached the van, the driver was on a cellphone, and explained to the deputy that "spotters" in the area were watching, and told him to run.

The driver -- who had trash bags filled with 600 pounds of food, plus dozens of gas cans -- explained the system of "spotters" to deputies, and admitted that he was responsible for giving them supplies.

Border Patrol found one such lookout later that month, and in March, PCSO and Border Patrol set up on operation in which they swooped in to a hilltop by helicopter at 6 a.m., where three such spotters were found.

"Evidence including nine cell phones, three cell phone chargers, car batteries, large water jugs, multi-tools, two solar panels, radio chargers, five radio batteries, and binoculars were all collected," according to a PCSO press release. "Panoramic photos of the area were taken from the hilltops showing the vantage points from the caves."

According to PCSO, these scouts admitted to being hired by associates of a Mexican drug cartel.

Three days later, on the other side of the county, law enforcement pulled off a similar operation, spotting another three lookouts on a mountain outside of Red Rock. Only two of those spotters were taken into custody, and the third got away. They were found with similar supplies, plus an AR-15 rifle, according to the sheriff's office.

Two more lookouts were found on a hilltop near where the first helicopter operation took place.

PCSO says Border Patrol has found has many as 100 of these lookout posts throughout this popular drug-smuggling corridor, which runs through Pinal County.

All eight of the lookouts are facing serious charges, including conspiring to smuggle marijuana, and aiding a criminal syndicate.

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Foreign criminal organizations with established bases in the U.S.  Sounds like a declaration of war.  Time to start shelling Juarez.


I wouldn't smoke mexican dirt weed if it was given to me free of charge. the rest of you abject losers can have at it.


In the future, if you wish to support Sheriff Babeu, please consult his Director of Community Relations or her family for all your marijuana needs. A percentage of profits will be returned to the Sheriff in campaign contributions.


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And they all confessed voluntarily after being advised of their rights.


We must send a clear message that they won't be tolerated by shooting them off the mountain.  A few high powered rifles will do the trick because either police shoot them first or they will shoot police.


@Guest I don't support any politicians, but I'd like to find a reliable source of top shelf marijuana.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@arizonanewtimes.com back your beliefs up. go buy a rifle and go do just that. lets see how well that works out for you (cant wait till you drill your first cop or civilian because you are to stupid to discern the difference)


@SeedyWard @arizonanewtimes.com I agree, the helicopter gunship idea is much better. when shooting illegal mexican drug smugglers, we could refer to them as helicopter funships.

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