Phoenix Police Make Arrest in Killing of Catholic Priest Kenneth Walker

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Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix

Phoenix police have made an arrest in the killing of a Catholic priest last week.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos says information on the suspect will be released later this morning.

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Walker, 28, was shot and killed Wednesday night in the rectory of the Mother of Mercy Mission Church, near 16th Avenue and Monroe. Another pastor there, Joseph Terra, was severely beaten but was able to call police after the attack, reporting it as a burglary of the church.

He had been unable to give police more details immediately after the attack due to his injuries.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia said on Thursday that he couldn't say much about the investigation but said, "We do have some strong physical evidence we're going to be able to follow up on."

This post will be updated when police release the details on the arrest. Check back for more.

UPDATE 11:47 a.m.: Gary Moran, 54, is accused of carrying out the crime.

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There is a special cell for him in the jail and he is going to be sorry he was ever born.  The least of his worries should be his bread and water diet if he even gets it. Starve him!


This is what happens when you put the police/prosecution/prison profiteers in control  of our health. The profiteers have no incentive to treat mental illness, addiction, or any other health condition as this cuts into both current, and future profits.

Perhaps if this man had been given the same mental healthcare treatment that Jan Brewers son has received, he might of had a chance.

But no, Jan Brewer and the profiteers put people like Gary Moran in a cage, and forget about them while they count their money. Then the profiteers dump them on the streets, and wait for them to become repeat costumers.

Jesus is weeping.


Nice of the DOC just to dump off violent meth-head ex-cons on parole on the streets of the Phoenix with nowhere to go, no real supervision and no warning to the public -- instead of an Amber Alert, a Dirt Alert!


The suspect must be beaten so hard that he goes into cardiac arrest. Make him wish he was never born.


@RetiredArmy jesus is trimming my hedges right now and doing so with dry eyes (I just checked).

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@hepcat11 thats just the way the system works. more concerned with punishment instead of rehabilitation. just read comments by idiots like JAFfy.........he would rather abuse instead of reform. it just creates the failing system we have now. it just seems that people only want to get instant gratification with instant punishment instead of correcting problems to prevent future cases like this


@belial @RetiredArmy 

That's because he's in the final stages of heat exhaustion and you have him tied to a tree with no water, and like your humor, almost dead.

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