Phoenix Man Busted for Selling Fake Viagra Pills

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Phoenix PD

People who thought they were buying Viagra pills from one Phoenix man were getting stiffed. Er, scammed.

According to Phoenix police, Melvin Rutkowski, 68, was also selling other counterfeit pills online, including Cialis and Levitra.

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Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes says police were tipped off by pharmaceutical-maker Pfizer, which had a private security company investigating possible counterfeit products being sold on the Internet.

"Upon testing, Pfizer Corporation determined the counterfeit Viagra did in fact have a percentage of the active ingredient used in their product; however, it was also determined there were chemicals in the stimulants that were not recognized," Holmes says. "It is unknown at this time what those chemicals are."

Police served a search warrant at Rutkowski's home, near 64th Street and Greenway, on Wednesday. Holmes says detectives recovered thousands of counterfeit or banned pills.

There was another sexual stimulant among the counterfeit pills, called Kamagra, which is legal in India but banned in the United States.

Those pills, plus the counterfeit pills, were all being shipped to Rutkowski from India, Holmes says.

Rutkowski was booked into jail on three different felony offenses, including possessing counterfeit marks, committing fraudulent schemes, and controlling an illegal enterprise.

Phoenix PD
Melvin Rutkowski
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I totally agree with that these pills are top quality and that its only money grabing guys like pfizer that push these little puppys to put people to prison for silly reasons, another example is such a wanker guy lol.

Nothing fake about them! I have bought from him...quality stuff! Pfizer asswipes make more money than God. They even sell them on KTAR for a 800#

whateveryousay topcommenter

Now that won't be a very hard conviction.

Talk about stiffing his customers.

WhoKnows topcommenter

I wonder if "Tom HorniBoi" will appear on this guy's customer list, with an address that is actually the State office building....

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