Phoenix Has the Nation's Eighth-Most LGBT-Friendly Businesses

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Benson Kua

Phoenix has the eighth-most LGBT-friendly businesses per capita in the nation.

Vocativ, a media company that relies on data mining, made the discovery as part of its effort to find the most LGBT-friendly cities in America. Although Phoenix has a lot of LGBT businesses, it did not land on the list of being one of the top 35 LGBT-friendly cities.

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It's kind of a funny coincidence, considering right-wing legislators tried to pass Senate Bill 1062, a bill that would have provide "religious" protections to business owners, which many people saw as a thinly veiled attempt to protect businesses owners who discriminate against gay people.

Based on Vocativ's review of the business listed on the Gayborhood App -- something of an LGBT-friendly business directory -- Phoenix had the eighth-most, behind Atlanta (which had the most), Chicago, Washington, Denver, Dallas, Charlotte, and Tampa.

Phoenix also ranked fourth for most gay media outlets, per capita, as well as most gay bars, per capita.

Still, Phoenix didn't make the list of being the most LGBT-friendly overall. (Other factors included prevalence of hate crimes, pro-LGBT laws, populations of gay people, and other factors.)

Reps from Vocativ tell us Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston were the only cities among the top 10 largest cities in the country that didn't make the list of being most LGBT-friendly.

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Matt, what exactly did you contribute to this article? Reporting other people's reports is not journalism.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

The four most gay-friendly cities are, in this order: (1) Los Angeles; (2) New York; (3) San Francisco and (4) Des Moines. Those of you who travel through gay America need to purchase the Damron guide. It lists gay-friendly venues in even very small towns. You know, where to hook up, etc. With the guide, you should never be lonely. The fact that Phoenix doesn't even rate should come as no surprise.


@eric.nelson745 ah, des moines, the corn capital. they use the ears as natural dildos, eat them when done cornholing each other, let them dry out and then use the corn cobs and husks for toilet paper. green technology all the way through the process.

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