Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio Releases Info on City's 50 Highest-Paid Retirees

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Citing a desire for pension reform, Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio released details of the 50 biggest pension payouts the city is making to retired employees.

DiCiccio's report estimates these 50 employees will get combined pension payouts of around $173 million, leading DiCiccio to compare the Phoenix government to that of Detroit.

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The top of the list isn't surprising: The city's most recent city managers get the biggest payouts. Former City Manager David Cavazos, who retired last year at the age of 53, is second on the list, beat only by his predecessor, Frank Fairbanks. None of the retired employees are identified by name, but in many cases, you can figure out who it is.


Of these 50 employees, the average age of retirement is 56, with an average cash payout of nearly $200,000, and an annual pension payout of about $120,000.

In a press conference yesterday, DiCiccio used a former city librarian as an example -- a librarian who retired at the age of 58, with a cash payout of about $286,000, and an annual pension of more than $100,000.

The union-busting councilman, who's been a longtime critic of the city's pension system, especially in the wake of Cavazos' "pension spiking," in which unused sick time and vacation days are used to help inflate the pension payout (although DiCiccio did approve a $78,000-a-year pay raise for Cavazos the year prior).

There have been several pension-reform proposals made, and adopted, in recent years, although some of the proposals are getting a little more drastic. Phoenix voters will get to decide on one such proposal in November, which proposes phasing out the pension system in favor of a 401(k)-type program, which DiCiccio has somewhat endorsed.

DiCiccio's entire report on the 50 highest-paid retirees can be seen below:

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Brian Moore
Brian Moore

Interesting. From the same guy who will collect over $305,000 for 4 years of part time work as a Phoenix Councilman from 1994-1998.


How many skeletons does DiCiccio have in his closet?


Phx is 30+ million in the hole THIS YEAR. The "we dedicated our lives" argument is nothing but garbage. Go into the private sector and find an employer who pays for Columbus, presidents, mlk, veterans day, and then lets you manipulate the sick days to fatten your pension. Is that why you have PAID sick days ? Oh by the way, if you buy food in phx you pay 2% tax. How much $ do the teamsters get from the citizens of phx each year ? I hope their credit rating drops, and they are broke by 2020. peace


Deferred compensation is money put aside by the employee him/herself. It is money the employee earned and put aside for investment.  I object to DiCiccio including it in this table as though it were a gift from the public. Responsible people putting their own money away for retirement is, well, responsible.  Using that to craft a bigger number so DiCiccio can rail against pensions is reprehensible.  Besides, the list as I view it shows employees who dedicated minimum 24 and max 37 yrs to the city. That's significant commitment for such a political environment with councils changing all the time.


You can thank the unions for that.  They will lead us to bankruptcy like they did in Detroit.


@Agitated There was plenty of deferred compensation manipulation prior to the enactment of rule 409A.  These people would have been grandfathered in. Look at these numbers! A city clerk and librarian making this much in deferred comp?  Numbers don't add up at all!  Sounds like you just don't like Sal.

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