Mary Rose Wilcox Is the Only CD7 Candidate Who Voices Opposition to Legalizing Marijuana

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New Times
Mary Rose Wilcox (center) speaks with supporters after the candidates forum.

Comprehensive immigration reform dominated the candidate forum at South Mountain Community College last week -- and no wonder, considering that voters in Arizona's Seventh Congressional District are overwhelmingly Democratic Latinos.

And here's a shocker: All of the candidates at the forum -- a politician, a preacher, an attorney and a teacher -- support immigration reform that includes halting deportations and a path to citizenship.

But when it comes to legalizing pot in Arizona, only Mary Rose Wilcox, former Maricopa County supervisor, voices her opposition.

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Reverend Jarrett Maupin, Randy Camacho, a teacher, and Attorney Jose Penalosa, an Independent, share essentially the same talking points on the economy, on the Veterans Administration's failures, and education. (Ruben Gallego, another CD7 candidate, was on a plane heading back from meetings and fundraisers in Washington, D.C. and missed the forum, which was co-moderated by Mary Robago, a former Univision anchor, and Joe Garcia, of Morrison Institute Latino Public Policy Center at Arizona State University. The forum was organized by the Raul H. Castro Institute of Phoenix College and One Arizona, a non-partisan partnership dedicated to voter registration.

New Times
Reverend Jarrett Maupin talks to supporters after the candidate forum.
The candidate's comments on legalizing pot:


I think it should be legalized because as long as we have a broken VA, if our veterans want to smoke some weed so they don't have some psychotropic crisis ... they should be able to. I'm for it because you can tax it, and taxes put more money in our coffers. I'm for it because you can regulate it. And another reason I'm for it is because somebody in your family uses it ... And the main reason I want to legalize and regulate it so we keep our young people who are pulled over with something on them out of prison. You should not go to jail for five years for having a baggie of something in your car. Let's get real.


We are headed toward legalization. I myself favor it as well. It's time, and we do need to regulate it.
New Times
Randy Camacho after the candidate forum.


Medical marijuana law did pass and we are looking at the results of it. And it has been a relief for many people with chronic pain ... (but) no, I don't support legalizing marijuana for everyone. I do not."


It's a natural plant ... but what happens, it's been abused by people.

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Mary Rose Wilcox supports President Obama's stance on marijuana...let the States decide.  This also assures that no veteran will be denied earned services from the Veterans Administration. 

I'm a veteran and I support Mary Rose Wilcox and President Obama.


Ruben got a B+ Rating from the NRA and supported a lot of their bills in the Leg., including one that would permit restoration of weapon rights to Seriously Mentally Ill individuals---after the disaster in Tucson!!!


Gallego CD 7 is who I will vote for...


I may have attended some other One Arizona CD 7 candidate forum than the one mentioned above.  The words I heard coming out of Jose Penalosa's mouth did not seem to be those of a full and open supporter of marijuana legalization.  Camacho and Maupin both were crystal clear that they support marijuana legalization. - Thane "Goldie" Eichenauer


Mary Rose just took a cautious approach, talking about viewing the results from Colorado---and we all know what those are, so really not a big deal.  During the Forum, all of those present (leaving aside MIA Ruben) said nice things, but Mary Rose is the only one with the know-how and experience to actually get results for Phoenix, and on Gun Reform and Immigration Reform---that's why Rep. Luis Gutierrez has endorsed her and will be here.

As for AWOL Ruben---do you really buy the story that he was stuck on a plane 3 days after his fundraiser???  Four or five different stories have been floated---including some folks who said they saw him on premises....what a slap in the face to the voters and Community Groups, particularly One Arizona and Somos America, who actually took this seriously and did much work, promotion, and voter education.  You can't 'lead' if you don't even show up, Ruben!!!


That old sea hag's opinion does not count.

Cozz topcommenter

Mary Rose Wilcox is nothing more than a self serving POS politician.

She's been that way for her entire political career and will always be that way.


Mary Rose is out of step with her own parties platform, and a majority of democratic voters. I hope she enjoys retirement.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Ye gods, Mary Rose, get with the program. Don't be the odd man, I mean woman, out. It's time for all of us to be able to light up without fear of retribution.



Gallego is a chameleon lizard.  No one really knows who he is.  And he flip flops on Gun Control.  And then denies and downplays his record on gun issues that earned him the B+ from the NRA,  This is an honor for conservative and Republicans.  But, not for Democrats. 

We have enough gun violence in our country.  And I would never send a NRA back candidate to Washington.

I'm voting for Mary Rose Wilcox.



My family, friends, and I will be voting for Mary Rose Wilcox.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter Brewers? no......i guess it doesnt. but if you meant Mary Rose, hers doesnt either, but the "sea hag" is Jan.............if you did mean Mary got the wrong name


@Cozz  She makes Charlie  Rangel of  NY look good !


@eric.nelson745  Even though I don't use Marijuana , I will stand with those who do, it makes sense for many reasons.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I don't trust the brain dead, uninformed, imbecilic voters of this State to actually not vote for MRW Cozz....

Sadly, I think she will be elected.


@MaskedMagician1967  Based on the sentiments of  alot of the people I've been talking with, I don't believe she will .

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