Daniel Gray Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Leaving Kid in Hot Car While High

Daniel Gray, the Phoenix dad who left his 3-month-old baby to die in a hot car last year, received a four-year prison sentence.

On August 28, Gray drove with little James in the car to the sports bar where he worked. A manager, Gray had the day off that Wednesday but wanted to check on things.

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A witness told police that after going into the bar at about 10 a.m., Gray smoked weed in a cooler with a new employee, then again outside near his car with the same employee. Inside the car, his forgotten boy was broiling.

Nearly two hours after he'd arrived, Gray went back to his car and found the boy, grey and possibly already dead. The boy's body was taken to a hospital, where a core temperature of 107 was recorded.

Gray, convicted of manslaughter and child abuse, also received seven years of supervised probation.

Daniel Gray

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Daniel will pay more than what any court could possibly impose upon him for the rest of his life.  He will have to live with this.  Jamison's mother on the other hand has been pictured as a victim.  She has not even owned her part in Jamison's death.  She knew Daniel's history, she waited for him to get out of jail to be with him. Rebecca Hillery has her own history of drugs and alcoholism.  She even has a court ordered breathalyzer in her car from her DUI's.  She would not get up that morning Jamison died to take care of her baby because she was so messed up from her and Daniel partying the night before.  She gave Daniel her car (knowing his license was suspended) and told him to take the baby so she could sleep.  The truth will be her price to pay!  Jamison Gray was the ONLY VICTIM!!!! 

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Not long enough.


Your implying that this was somehow the mothers fault is nothing more than speculation and slander. There is no crime in letting a father look after their own child for a few hours. To say she should have known better is ridiculous. He had never harmed his baby or elder child how was she to know he would do this? So to kick her while shes down says a lot more about you than it does her. You're an ugly human being.


@Justice4Jamison To Justice4Jamison.

It sounds like you have personal ties to Daniel Gray... 

So let me tell you I too know the family being discussed here. You also sound as if you know all the details and facts very well, which I know you don't.

All parties here were victims. They are the victims of Daniel's carelessness and irresponsibility as a father. 

Not that anyone should have to spend the time of day educating or even responding to you, but unless you were actually there you know nothing of what happened that morning. 

That morning, it was Becca that was awake to prepare the baby, dress him, feed him and pack his bag. The idea that Rebecca was in any way unable to function that morning is nothing but a lie. The "party" the night before consisted of movie night with Rebecca, Daniel, Jamison and Daniel's older son. 

What guilt does Rebecca share other than to have trusted the baby's father to be a responsible parent. We all know the result.

All the facts about that morning, and the actions of all parties, appear in the police report, so the truth is on paper.

Whoever you might be, it is disgraceful that you would try to place blame on anyone other than Daniel Gray. 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@kyle5953 sounds like you have personal ties to the child. must be hard. if you did know him, sorry you have to see all this. no child should ever have to die and especially like this



Agreed. People go away for much longer for other types of crimes where no lives have been lost.


@annonusa @Justice4Jamison  So why did she let Daniel take her car and Jamison with him knowing that he had a suspended license.  Again she knew his history. Even if he had just had a traffic stop they would have arrested Daniel and taken the baby into custody.  Then she would have been questioned about why she let Daniel take Jamison and her care knowing he had a suspended license.  But in this case, no one is even holding her accountable.  And if she was so fully functional, that makes her giving the baby and car to Daniel just a case of being a selfish self centered mother.  Maybe she has learned how to talk to the police by her brother the police officer, or the drug dealer boyfriend she had to move out of state to get away from.  I will tell you what is disgraceful.  The fact that she was collecting money after her son died when all of the funeral expenses were paid for.  Where did all that money go Rebecca, booze, drugs???  NO ONE except Rebecca and Daniel know exactly what happened that morning/day except them and God.  She will have her judgement for her actions and her lifestyle, it just won't be in a courtroom. 


@Justice4Jamison @annonusa You are a disgusting human being that obviously has a personal problem with Rebecca. 
Anything you say just makes you look like more of the bitter little man or woman you are.
Obviously anyone can come here and say whatever they want to, those involved know the truth.
No one is going to believe anything a person like you would say. Justice for Jamison is the last thing you have on your mind. You are irrelevant. 

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