Congressional District 7 Candidates Wage Battle Over Guns On Twitter, Facebook and Blogs

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Ruben Gallego and Mary Rose Wilcox
Ruben Gallego and Mary Rose Wilcox -- and their respective camps -- have been firing nasty missives at each other over who is more in favor of 'common sense gun laws' or gun reform.

They're lobbing their attacks across all social media platforms, and why not? It's cheaper than mailing out old-school glossy attack postcards to potential voters.

The melee involves a state senator questioning whether Ruben Gallego, one of Wilcox competitors in the race to win Arizona's Seventh Congressional District, was going to kill someone at the State Capitol; an advocate for gun violence victims accusing Wilcox and her husband hijacking a peaceful rally; and an anonymous blogger questioning Gallego's true stance on gun law reform.

You could argue it started when Mary Rose Wilcox, a candidate for Arizona Seventh Congressional District, called on June 13 for an end to gun violence in the wake of the deadly shooting at Mother of Mercy Mission church that claimed the life of Father Kenneth Walker.

A victim of gun violence herself -- Wilcox was shot in 1997 while serving as a board supervisor reportedly over her vote on a baseball stadium tax -- said "let's all do our part to support the victims and put an end to gun violence in our community once and for all."

That same day, Markos "kos" Moulitsas, publisher/founder of the liberal blog Daily Kos, posted a resounding endorsement of former state Representative Ruben Gallego, Wilcox's most notable opponent.

On June 24, Gallego tweeted that he "fought to keep guns away from our schools and out of public buildings," with a link to this statement on his website:

"Congress gave up on gun reform, but Ruben Gallego hasn't. In the state legislature, Ruben fought to keep guns out of our schools and public buildings. In Congress, Ruben will fight for common sense gun laws like expanding universal background checks, an assault weapons ban and gun buyback programs."

Senator Robert Meza chimed in on Twitter with a biting public reminder that Gallego himself had toted a gun into the State Capitol -- an obviously public building.

"But @RubenGallego why did you bring a gun to the #azleg State Capitol? Were you going to shoot someone?"

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Tough to talk to someone who was shot [boo hoo hoo] and has all that Bloomberg money dangling in front of her face.  But I will say, if you, Mary Rose, had protected yourself...then the nut job stadium tax protester would be suing the county for HIS injuries.  What is better, he sues you as a felon, or you sue him as a victim? 

Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston

They both need to realize that a lot more Arizonans would be Democrats it they defended the 2nd Amendment with the same veracity as the 1st. Im a Democrat, NRA Member, and I vote.

Cozz topcommenter

Got some great news today about a close and dear friend. Rumor has it Marshall David Gonzales is going to run for Maricopa County Sheriff in 2016.

What a nice change this will be when we get him elected. As much as I dislike politicians and politics, You can believe I will be working hard on his campaign when the time comes.

Bringing honesty, integrity, ethic's and accountability back to the cesspool of corruption called Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is something that's been needed for way to long.

Time for Bozo Joe Arpaio to go !

Time to show Bozo Joe the door, show him he can't buy votes with his never ending bullshit and out of State money.

2016 will be a great year for MaricopaCounty !...The time is coming to clean house !

Go David !


Meza is Mary Rose's plaintiff (Mike Snitz)'s partner. Clearly not without huge helpings of bias.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

What we need is a law that balances the people's right to own guns vs legitimate government interest in keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally sick, criminals, etc.

jonnyquest topcommenter

Gallego made the claim that Phoenix homicides are at the same level as Mexico's. This fact was backed by the AZ Republic. Mexico has extremely restrictive gun laws. It is illegal for people to own "assault weapons" and certain handguns. The result of these "common sense" gun laws? A murder rate no better than here, the "Wild, Wild West". I'll keep my guns. Gallego and Wilcox can both go to hell.


Gallego is obviously infinitely the more qualified candidate, but in fairness I have to say that Wilcox's wig deserves its own seat in Congress.


Don't forget that state Senator Robert Meza is the partner of Mike Snitz, the Mary Rose Wilcox henchman who filed the fake lawsuit against Ruben Gallego bizarrely claiming that Gallego's name isn't -- well -- his name.  Team Wilcox's antics are utter amateur hour, and are emblematic of a tired, long-time politician who hasn't had to run in a competitive race in 20 years.


@Cozz  Is this a for sure thing Cozz ? If so , GREAT news !!!!!!!

valleynative topcommenter


We have that law.  What we need is a way to determine who is and is not mentally sick, criminal, etc.  Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Cozz topcommenter


That would be in the women's toilet, right ?

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