Arizona's New Abortion Rules to Stay Blocked

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The James R. Browning United States Court of Appeals building.

Arizona's newest regulations against medicated abortion will remain blocked while the court battle continues.

The court battle is over rules that were recently implemented by the state health department to comply with House Bill 2036, signed into law in 2012. A Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel overturned the lower court's ruling that denied a preliminary injunction against the law, so those new rules will be blocked for the foreseeable future.

"Plaintiffs have introduced uncontroverted evidence that the Arizona law substantially burdens women's access to abortion services, and Arizona has introduced no evidence that the law advances in any way its interest in women's health," the decision says.

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The law, and new regulations, mandate that doctors must comply with the FDA protocol for prescribing the pills used in medicated abortions.

The FDA's protocol for the abortion medications says, among other things, that these medications can be used up to seven weeks of pregnancy. Abortion providers in the state currently rely on the medical standard outlined by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which says the preferred method of administering the medications can be done through nine weeks of pregnancy.

One Scottsdale OB/GYN said these new restrictions "turn back the clock" on how medicated abortions are administered, adding that the modern, preferred method is based on rigorous scientific studies.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona CEO Bryan Howard has said that about 2,500 women in Arizona came to Planned Parenthood for medicated abortion services in 2013, within nine weeks of pregnancy -- the time frame for medicated abortions before today's new rules. Under this new regulation, that wouldn't have been an option for 800 of those women, Howard said.

Another part of HB 2036, which banned abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy, already was overturned by the courts. The law is one of nearly 20 anti-abortion laws pushed by the right-wing Center for Arizona Policy. Four of those laws (not including HB 2036) have been overturned in court.

Another one of the Center for Arizona Policy's bills, allowing warrantless inspections of abortion clinics, was signed into law this year by Governor Brewer.

Now the battle over this medicated-abortion law continues, although the law won't be in effect.

"This decision is a victory for women's health," Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards says in a statement. "It assures that Arizona women can access safe, legal abortion following the best, safest medical guidelines while our case challenging this dangerous and misguided law continues."

Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights have teamed up to battle the law in court.

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Roger Morris
Roger Morris

Dont tell the GOP because Jans Clan will have another special session and then Jan will leave the state and swear she or no one on her staff read or wrote another Trent Franks hate on women bill. who slapped the pig on the ass and made it worth more than $10 for 12ounce


Oh good! I'm going to have an abortion in celebration!


Why do women, who have a monopoly on child birth, insist on killing the unborn when it suits them?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If God didn't want unborn babies to be aborted, He wouldn't spontaneously abort TENS of MILLIONS of Pregnancies every year.


" Arizona has introduced no evidence that the law advances in any way its interest in women's health," the decision says."

Of course it doesn't advance Arizona's interest in women's health because it was never intended to advance Arizona's interest in women's health. Republicans have absolutely zero interest in women's health. They have proven this time after time.

It was intended to codify the narrow minded religious views of the Ayatollah Cathi Herrod and her CAP (Christians Against Progress). It is just another feeble attempt to make Arizona the Christian Theocracy the Ayatollah and her followers dream of.

valleynative topcommenter


Why do people to whom the gods grant the gift of warts choose to freeze or burn or otherwise destroy those masses of cells, which, like an early-term fetus, share some, but not all of their DNA with the host, and are therefore distinct lives?


Perhaps, to prevent morons like you from being born.


@valleynative @downtownbrown what are you talking about? I'm god and I don't give anybody warts. you must be projecting, try one of the available gels, creams or ointments before you stick that little thing inside anybody else.

valleynative topcommenter

@leviathan @valleynative @downtownbrown 

Get over yourself.  I said "gods", not you, personally.

Did you think you were the only one?  Are you the "jealous god" type, who insists that his followers have "no other god before me"?  Seek help.

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