Arizona Residents Among the Least-Satisfied With Air Quality

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Arizona has a relatively high number of people dissatisfied with the state's air quality.

In the latest Gallup poll, 77 percent of Arizonans say they are satisfied with the air quality, but that's one of the lowest levels of satisfaction in the country.

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Only Utah, Nevada, California, and Delaware residents gave a worse review of the air quality in their state, with Utah having the lowest satisfaction level, at 65 percent.

Many states have satisfaction levels higher than 90 percent, with both the Dakotas scoring the highest, at 96 percent satisfaction.

Arizonans' concerns aren't exactly unwarranted. There's currently an "ozone health watch" for Maricopa County for tomorrow:
Ground level ozone is formed by a chemical reaction that needs heat from sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds [VOCs] to form. The months of April through September make up our Valley's longer-than-normal "ozone season."
There's also the dust issue. You may have read recently that Arizona lasted more than 40 years without reaching "attainment" status with the Environmental Protection Agency on the Clean Air Act.

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66rock topcommenter

Az,one of the most unhealthy places to live! 


I've noticed on City Data many people asking questions about Arizona air quality.  They are mostly prospective residents with allergy or asthma issues who are still under the mistaken impression that Arizona is the place to come to cure those ills.  They want someone to tell them they will be able to breathe free here.

Maybe the complainers are people who came here without checking out that situation first or even natives who are unhappy with how much Phoenix has grown, bringing so much air pollution along with it

I think people also don't consider the cumulative negative effects of climate change on air quality in Arizona.  For just one example, the continuing increase in wildfires that really muck up the air with particulates and the wildfire prevention chemicals that muck up the air with chemicals.  Poor air quality causes climate change and then climate changes further decreases air quality.

Oh, sorry, I forgot:  there's no such thing as climate change!  Oops!!


I'm most affected when standing in a line with you sweaty fucks. Do your welfare checks not cover deodorant?

fishingblues topcommenter

If the liberals would just STFU and stop expelling hot, noxious air.....

valleynative topcommenter


The fact that you're standing in lines with smelly, sweaty people on welfare tells us a lot more about yourself than you probably meant to reveal.  Sorry about your life.


@valleynative @skipper So, you tried rolling the wife in flour and aiming for the wet spot, but her sweaty body just turned into one big sticky, wet mess? I understand why you didn't report back on your experiment. Don't worry, just hose her down and use any of her folds for your fun.

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