Arizona General Hospital Scheduled to Open in Laveen in 2015

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A 39,000-square-foot hospital is scheduled to open in Laveen early next year.

The City of Phoenix released a statement today with details: the hospital will have 16 inpatient rooms, two operating rooms, an emergency room, a high-tech laboratory and a full radiology suite.

The for-profit hospital isn't the size as some major Phoenix hospitals, but there are no hospitals in Laveen, which is southwest of downtown. The hospital is the creation of Adeptus Health, which owns a series of emergency rooms across the country called First Choice Emergency Room.

No specific date was given for the opening, only "early next year."

Here's what the city's statement says:
Arizona General Hospital will provide Phoenix-area residents with 24/7 access to emergency medical care. The new hospital will also bring 300 new jobs and plans to invest $75 million over the next three years. The American College of Emergency Physicians has identified a need in the United States, and specifically Arizona, for additional access to emergency medical care.
The hospital is being built on 51st Avenue, north of Baseline Road.

A video tour of the facility can be seen below:

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They suck!!!! I was Waiting in the ER for 3 hours .they didn't check vitals or anything , when I asked how much longer they said they only had one doctor.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Not a whole lot of people know this. There is a complete and fully-staffed emergency room, part of West Valley Hospital, in Buckeye on Watson Road just south of the freeway. It's behind the Circle K, Denny's and the Discount Tire store.


@eric.nelson745 I live in a good part of town, so I did not know this. I can't imagine ever being in your neck of the desert, but if I do find myself in need of an emergency room in the shits of buckeye, I'll remember to look behind the discount tire store.

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