Another Fire Breaks Out North of Sedona

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Coconino National Forest
Part of the Oak Creek Canyon burned by the Slide Fire.

Another fire has broken out around Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona, less than two weeks after firefighters were able to contain the 22,000 acre Slide Fire.

This new fire reported yesterday afternoon, nicknamed the Junipine Fire, grew only to 12 acres as of yesterday evening.

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The Forest Service reported that firefighting crews already had 25 percent containment of the fire.

The fire was still threatening structures around the Junipine Resort, north of Slide Rock State Park, just off State Route 89A.

The Coconino County Sheriff's Office started evacuating people yesterday afternoon, and the Red Cross set up a shelter for people displaced by the fire, but that evacuation was lifted last night.

According to the CCSO, the Forest Service reported the fire was caused by downed power lines, although the Forest Service says that's not officially confirmed. The previous fire in the area, the Slide Fire, is believed to have been human-caused, although authorities haven't tracked down the human who caused it.

The Junipine Fire burned north toward an area already burned over by the Slide Fire, but also advanced south, toward areas not affected by the Slide Fire.

According to a statement from the Forest Service, they're "cautiously optimistic of containing it by [today] sometime."

At this point, there are no structures threatened by the fire, according to the Forest Service.

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Heading out to Sedona next week, is 89A open or closed?

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valleynative topcommenter

If it was caused by downed power lines, does the power company have any liability?


@boozwaah are you going to have your chakras waxed? I had my sacral chakra tugged the other day and blew a load all over some earth mother.

valleynative topcommenter

@justwondering @valleynative 

No.  Mexico has no obligation to keep their citizens (or Guatemalans, etc) from crossing the border.  That's the responsibility of our federal government.

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