10 Before-and-After Photos of Downtown Phoenix Captured by Google Maps

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Google Maps
A current view of CityScape.

Downtown Phoenix has changed quite a bit over the last seven years.

Since Google first sent its Street View cameras through the streets of downtown Phoenix in 2007, buildings have gone up, others have come down, and other areas have completely changed. Now that the Street View car came back through Phoenix this year, we can compare the changes over the years. Check out 10 before-and-after photos of downtown, as captured by Google Street View:


Before: Half-finished expansion of the Phoenix Convention Center

After: Expanded Phoenix Convention Center

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Paco Gee II
Paco Gee II

haha I love looking at older photos on Google Earth before Anthem existed and filled the North Phoenix area with all those "little boxes" BTW I also am wondering was the idea of the MCSO HQ supposed to be Noah's Ark or a Pirate ship?


Phoenix sucks. I lived there for 37 years. So happy to NOT be there. If you think it's wonderful, you probably moved there recently from some midwest dumpy city where it snowed a lot.

Anthony Murphy
Anthony Murphy

it's too bad no one really thought to put stationary cameras up in cities a hundred years ago. i would absolutely LOVE to see time lapse photos of a city skyline as it grew over the past 100+ years. especially phoenix! considering that around 50 or so years ago we were the 99th biggest city in the US, and now we are number 6 (and are projected to be 4th biggest by 2030).

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Phoenix still has a long way to go to becoming a World Class city. In 2525, perhaps?

John Wiseman
John Wiseman

So many problems to fix and we choose to spend millions remodeling down town to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 'Merica.


In picture #3 there is either some weird photoshop issues on the top left corner or our skies have ??? Please explain


@EleanorRigby probably just google maps camera lagging...

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