Tucson Border Patrol Sector Earns Most Complaints of Abuse, but Punishment Is Rare

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Bill Morrow

Complaints of abuse against Border Patrol agents along the southern border are rarely met with action, according to a report from the American Immigration Council.

The organization obtained public records from Customs and Border Protection to gain information about the complaints of abuse. The group obtained 809 complaints filed against Border Patrol agents, and found that a grand total of 13 received some sort of punishment.

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The majority of cases, 472 of them, resulted in no action being taken, while 342 were still pending investigation.

That means about 97 percent of the cases that were investigated resulted in no action being taken.

". . . [G]iven that several other studies have found strong evidence of systemic abuse at the hands of Border Patrol agents, it is very likely that at least some of these cases did indeed have merit," the report states. "On average, CBP took 122 days to arrive at a decision when one was made. Moreover, of the 809 complaints, 324 (40 percent) were still 'pending investigation' when the complaint data were provided to the Immigration Council. This amounts to powerful evidence of a serious lack of accountability and transparency within CBP."

In recent years, two separate groups have published reports, based on surveys of migrants who have had run-ins with Border Patrol -- one report found 10 percent of the migrants reporting physical abuse, and the other report found 11 percent reporting physical abuse.

That leads the American Immigration Council to believe that plenty of these cases aren't resulting in formal complaints against Border Patrol agents, although based on the records provided to them, the group alleges Customs and Border Protection doesn't really take the process seriously anyway.


The report also mentions that the Tucson sector of the southern border has the most complaints, by far. Since some sectors have more agents than others, the group found out the number of complaints per 1,000 agents in each sector -- Tucson still had the most complaints.

Here are three sample complaints from Tucson published by the American Immigration Council:

  • "BPA [Border Patrol Agent] allegedly hit a UDA's [Undocumented Alien's] head against a rock causing a hematoma." (Result: Counseling)
  • "A minor alleged he was physically forced by a BPA to sign a document." (Result: No Action Taken)."
  • "BPAs allegedly denied a UDA water; touched/treated female UDAs inappropriately." (Result: Pending Investigation)

Meanwhile, in a completely separate investigation, the American Civil Liberties Union has been looking into cases of "roving patrols" by Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona.

The ACLU filed a complaint with Homeland Security back in 2012, on behalf of 11 people who claimed various abuses at the actual ports of entry at the southern border.

The ACLU never received a substantive response to that complaint, leading them to believe, "DHS oversight agencies have not kept pace with Border Patrol's rapid growth and are ill-equipped to provide transparent and effective agency oversight and accountability for rights violations by agents."

The American Immigration Council has come to a similar conclusion in its report on the Border Patrol complaints.

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The real question:

How many hundreds or thousands Human Beings have been robbed, raped, and killed by Border Patrol/Government funded Vigilante Hate Groups such as Neo Nazi's, and Minute Men in the Arizona desert?!

The Dead can't file complaints.


Fact: The Border Patrol was funding Neo Nazi J.T. Ready, and his band of ambushing missfits to lay in wait of immigrants in the dark desert with assualt weapons equipped with night vision scopes,

 In  photo's on the Republic"s front page the camo clad clothing, and riffles J.T. Ready and his missfits were sporting looked like Military Issued gear?!

J.T. Ready was said to be on the F.B.I.'s "Home Grown Terrorist List" while the Border Patrol was funding his "Border Patrols to hunt Hispanic's"

It all ended a couple of weeks after two Hispanic's were ambushed by camo clad vigilante's near Eloy, Ready was running for Pinal County Sheriff prior to the Eloy immigrant Murders, and the following Gilbert Masacre of a Woman and a Child.

The U,S, Border Patrol in Arizona must truly be proud of thier Filthy, dirty funding of J.T. Ready, and his Klan?!!

After the funding of "Terrorists" Beating of immigrants dosen't suprise me at all.

The Border Patrol seems to be out of any form of control. 


If undocumented euphemisms snaking across our desert don't like getting their feelings hurt by the Border Patrol they should stay home and have the courage, tenacity and character to actually make something of their lives and the countries they live in. Pathetic. 

Robert Pepperdine
Robert Pepperdine

Could it possibly be that the allegations are baseless . But I guess now in the US, you are guilty to proven innocent

Cozz topcommenter

This I have no doubt.

Mircea Bala
Mircea Bala

Of course, it happen to me too,but no1, not even the lawyers wanna touch that...american citizen harrassed because didn't wanna disclose citizenship status,50 miles from the border


@DNichols i dunno, lol, but it's likely some amount less than the robbing, raping and killing being done by mexican rip crews. ay chihuahua! arriba, arriba, andale, andale!

valleynative topcommenter


Do you really think that any rifle that's black and has picatinny rails is military issue?



You are a racist  cockroach.


(Fear Mongering). Can t never ever win on just the facts alone. Don't ever care about what kind of hate you are instilling.Or Innocent lives lost.In the crossfire. Sad.really sad.



The Police found six high tech MILITARY ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADES (Weapons of Mass Destrution) at J.T. REady's Gilbert Home!!!

Do you think they were Military issue?!

The police said they had serial numbers, and could be traced to find out who gave them to Ready.

A couple of weeks later the Military shut down Military GEAR to Police citing Sheriff Babeus abuses of Gear.

I think every thing Babeu's B.F.F. J.T.Raedy and his missfits had was MIlitary/Police issued?!!

How about that Valley.


Fake account..Using an account to promote that kind of "hateful rhetoric"/message is not kool dude....

valleynative topcommenter


I think it's yet another sign of how disturbed your mind is that the fact that he had one type of military weapon leads you to the conclusion that all of his weapons were military, and that they were provided by the military.

We won't even go into the fact that you somehow get from grenades to WMD.

Talk to a doctor.  You should be on medication.



I admire your courage, and views.

Men stand for what they believe in.

Real Men stand for  good defenseless others.


@DNichols                 I'am talking about that so called armandodoc1181 dude,  not you @DNichols,....my bad.

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