Top Five Most-Read Phoenix News Stories of the Week

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In case you missed any news action this week, we've got you covered.

Here's our recap of the most-read news stories of the week:

5.) Who Will Chop Off the Head of Tom Horne's Zombie-Like Campaign?
New Times Illustration
As Tom Horne's zombie-like re-election campaign staggers forth, a question remains: Who will chop off its head?

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's bizarre relationship with women is best described by ex-AG staffer Sarah Beattie, the 26-year-old who has deluged both state and federal authorities with physical evidence demonstrating that Horne and his executive staff have campaigned on state time.

Sitting in the office of her attorney, Tom Ryan, she confides a conversation she had with Horne while still working at the AG's Office.

See also: Who Will Chop Off the Head of Tom Horne's Zombie-Like Campaign?

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Wow top 5 stories! I guess Arizona is a mixed bag of folks and stories, transplants from all over the USA, latest transplant to Tucson, Arizona is the black radio shock jock named James T. Harris.....who is a white man trapped inside a black mans body, who moved to Arizona to host on 104.1 FM radio with is buddy Superman Jon Justice as the dynamic duo determined to convert southern Arizona to a republican leaning city instead of a democrat leaning one! I guess this tactic by republicans to find a token black fellow who hates his own race is a tactic they think will work, the hatemongering by Jon Justice on Hispanics has not worked so I guess they think a black fellow might do the trick!

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