Top 10 Sites for Digging Up Online Info in Maricopa County and Around Arizona

Lyntha Scott Eiler via Wikimedia
Do you want to dig up dirt on your new boyfriend, local politician or the business begging for your money and time?

If you live in Maricopa County or elsewhere in Arizona, we've got a few awesome and mostly free online resources for you:


10.) Arizona Corporation Commission's STARPAS

An incredible resource for information on Arizona businesses. Here's the direct link for business name search:

Find out who owns a business, look up corporate records. Also find links here to Arizona Corporation Commission records, like investigations and business-license discipline records. The site's a repository for reams of documents related to the ACC's role as energy-industry regulator. There's just more stuff here than you can imagine about local businesses.


9.) The SEC's Edgar site

If the company you are looking up is a public company, you can find another entire universe of filings on it through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Edgar lookup site. This contains SEC filings that detail everything from the CEO's salary to accounting records.

For nonprofits nationwide, check out GuideStar.

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Been a fan of the Maricopa County Recorded Docs site since it went up.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Just making an observation here. If you don't know how to accurately look up info and be able to understand what you are isn't looking up info, it's jumping to conclussions. Legal talk is confusing enough without a lawyer to explain it, trying to interpret it by yourself doesn't always mean you came up with facts. (Everybody has probably misinterpreted something at least once or twice........I know I have)

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