Tom Horne's Brett Mecum, a.k.a. "Captain America," His DUI and Other Embarrassments

Something else: the Arizona Supreme Court's public access site shows that Mecum was cited for violation of a "non-criminal ordinance" in April. Its disposition shows "failure to appear." I do not have any info on this item.

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Brett Mecum, AZ's Republican Superhero, Lands Job with State AG Tom Horne as Legislative Liaison

When I was pulling the search warrant mentioned above, I noticed an "order for continuing lien" against Mecum filed May 1 of this year.

The lien's paperwork notes a "writ of garnishment" with "amount due" of $8,123.10. The plaintiff in that case is Capital One Bank.

Mecum, 35, makes $70,000 per year.

My colleague Ray Stern has documented at length what he's referred to as "a steady stream of mini-scandals," in which Mecum's been involved.

To borrow from a previous post by Stern, these include:

-- Being arrested in 2009 at state GOP headquarters after doing 109 mph on Valley freeways. Mecum scored a plea deal in that case as well.

-- Receiving a fake blowjob while dressed as Captain America in sleazy pics that surfaced on the website The Dirty.

-- Being referred to as "creepy and intimidating around women" in a 2009 complaint by a woman who alleged Mecum got her address from a state voter registration file and showed up to a party uninvited. Mecum denied the allegations, and no charges were filed.

-- Allegedly offering, along with GOP consultant Constantin Querard, to secure an endorsement from Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Goodyear City Council candidate Jennifer Barber, if Barber ponied up $2,000 for Querard.

Stern wrote, "Mecum never returned our calls on that one, but Querard quipped that Barber must be 'on drugs.' Barber maintains her story is true."

More recently, Mecum has been accused by Beattie of being one of several people in the AG's office, including the AG, who are working on Horne's re-election effort while on state time.

Security cam video shows Mecum delivering a campaign-related complaint on February 11 to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office during a regular workday, with Beattie accompanying him.

The AG's office claimed Mecum had been on his lunch break.

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ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Brett Mecum and ex-girlriend, sanctioned and disgraced ex-Maricopa Deputy County Attorney Rachel Alexander?

"Meanwhile, Mecum's Phoenix attorney, David Kephart, kept pushing the idea that prosecution was "clearly politically motivated." He claimed that Thomas' office wanted Mecum prosecuted in part because of a nasty break-up between Mecum and his former girlfriend, Thomas' chief blogger, Rachel Alexander.

Kephart tells us that Alexander played a role in getting Mecum charged originally, though we weren't able to confirm that.

Alexander, as some of you will recall, is facing a disciplinary hearing this fall along with Aubuchon and her former boss, Andrew Thomas, due to allegedly unethical behavior involving the attempted prosecutions of county officials. Kephart tried valiantly to stir all that controversy into Mecum's case, filing motions to delay the case as he sought suspected e-mails about Mecum between Aubuchon and Alexander."


A coke whore with a history of driving impaired? Sounds like she fit right in as a Horne staffer.

When whistleblowing, Beattie should have abandoned the 'moral high ground' bit as her reasons for leaving. She's either motivated by the noteriety or she was slighted in some way...not that it matters.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I wonder when the OSC will hand up indictments alleging violations of the Hatch Act?

Or when an Arizona county attorney will hand up indictments alleging violations of the Arizona Hatch Act?

HorniBoi and his office staff should be suffering sleepless nights... this is the end of HorniBoi's political and legal career.


An "Extreme D.U.I." reduced to "impaired to the slightest degree"?!

This Bull Shit is just like Bill Montgomery's B.F.F. sick Minute Man Chris Simcox getting "Amnesty" from Child Molesting even after sticking his fingers in his own childs vagina?!

Crooked Politicians getting "Amnesty" for thier personal pals!

Who is holding the powerful accountable?!!

No One but Lemons!


Those who live in glass houses...................?


Nope sorry, I was about 19 at that point in my life. I'm now 26 and to tell you the truth that was a different life. I wasn't going to let Horne and Co. Scare me from coming forward because they were holding my past against me.


@Ponder  Don't forget "stripper."  That's why you losers hired her, Brett.  I'm sure there's a few nice people down at the AG's office, but if Horne and Mecum had their way, it would be nothing but people like Mecum and Carmen Chenal.  It's like a who's who of washed up political outcasts down there.  Brett Mecum is the biggest scumbag in Arizona politics, ahead of Constantin Querard, and that's saying something!



What seems different to me is that she's making a stab at doing the right thing. 

Unlike Horny and his sick-o-fants. 

I'll take the stripper over acorruptoldfart like Horny. 


The hatch act is not criminal nor is it enforced by the county attorney. I don't know what OSC stands for.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@DNichols  This is why We all need to remember MontyPoodle in his next election, and not let the Clown Of the County Arpaio buy him another term....

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Felicia Rotellini filed her paperwork for another chance to KO HorniBoi WK.

Let's work on getting HorniBoi out. Then we'll work on getting MontyPug out.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Never heard that one before

WhoKnows topcommenter

@MaskedMagician1967  HorniBoi has already lost.  NO ONE seems to support him any more, except a has been actor with sex slaves in his past and a Sheriff that wears Depends.....

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