Tom Horne's Brett Mecum, a.k.a. "Captain America," His DUI and Other Embarrassments

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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and his surrogates have been doing their darnedest to drag former AG staffer Sarah Beattie through the mud, in an obvious attempt to deflect attention from the mountain of evidence provided by Beattie, showing that Horne has been running his re-election campaign from the AG's Office.

But there's a risk in such ad hominem attacks. First, they do not address the underlying accusation, or the evidence accompanying it. Second, they leave those in your camp open to the same personal scrutiny.

Which is the only reason I'm bothering with a DUI that Horne's legislative liaison Brett Mecum pulled in September 2013, for which he ultimately did 24 hours in Maricopa County Jail.

Mecum's latest mugshot . . .

According to court records, Mecum, who scored a job with the AG in March of last year despite (or maybe because of) a rather tawdry history of public peccadilloes, was stopped by Phoenix Police Officer Florin Bohatir on the morning of Thursday, September 5, 2013, around 2:40 a.m.

Read court documents associated with Brett Mecum's DUI.

The following thumbnail account from Bohatir is included in a request for a search warrant to draw blood from Mecum, which was granted by a Maricopa County superior court commissioner:

Brett was observed stopped on Thomas Road at 32nd Street in the curb lane of traffic West bound. The traffic signal cycled to green and Brett failed to proceed through the green traffic signal until a taxi behind him attracted his attention via horn. Brett then accelerated West on Thomas Road in the curb lane and reached a speed of 51 MPH. The posted speed limit on Thomas Road is 35 MPH.

I stopped Brett and advised him of the reasons he was stopped. I was able to smell the odor of intoxicating liquor coming from his breath, observed his eyes watery and blood shot and heard his speech slurred and mumbled. Brett performed poorly on [field sobriety tests] and I noticed six cues during the [Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus] test.

I'm waiting on a copy of the police report, but according to the Phoenix Police Department, Mecum was cited and released.

The charges against him included speeding, failing to provide proof of insurance, and extreme DUI.

According to the court paperwork, this was Mecum's first DUI.

As part of a deal with the Phoenix city prosecutor, Mecum pleaded guilty to being "impaired to the slightest degree," and was sentenced to the usual assortment of fines and court costs, 12 months of using an Interlock device, and 10 days in jail, with 9 suspended.

The remainder of the charges were dismissed.

The court ordered that Mecum self-surrender at the Maricopa County Buckeye Jail on Friday, February 21 at 9 p.m. for his 24 hours in stir.

The MCSO provided a mugshot of Mecum taken from this brief stay in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's custody.

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A coke whore with a history of driving impaired? Sounds like she fit right in as a Horne staffer.

When whistleblowing, Beattie should have abandoned the 'moral high ground' bit as her reasons for leaving. She's either motivated by the noteriety or she was slighted in some way...not that it matters.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I wonder when the OSC will hand up indictments alleging violations of the Hatch Act?

Or when an Arizona county attorney will hand up indictments alleging violations of the Arizona Hatch Act?

HorniBoi and his office staff should be suffering sleepless nights... this is the end of HorniBoi's political and legal career.


An "Extreme D.U.I." reduced to "impaired to the slightest degree"?!

This Bull Shit is just like Bill Montgomery's B.F.F. sick Minute Man Chris Simcox getting "Amnesty" from Child Molesting even after sticking his fingers in his own childs vagina?!

Crooked Politicians getting "Amnesty" for thier personal pals!

Who is holding the powerful accountable?!!

No One but Lemons!


Those who live in glass houses...................?


Nope sorry, I was about 19 at that point in my life. I'm now 26 and to tell you the truth that was a different life. I wasn't going to let Horne and Co. Scare me from coming forward because they were holding my past against me.


@Ponder  Don't forget "stripper."  That's why you losers hired her, Brett.  I'm sure there's a few nice people down at the AG's office, but if Horne and Mecum had their way, it would be nothing but people like Mecum and Carmen Chenal.  It's like a who's who of washed up political outcasts down there.  Brett Mecum is the biggest scumbag in Arizona politics, ahead of Constantin Querard, and that's saying something!



What seems different to me is that she's making a stab at doing the right thing. 

Unlike Horny and his sick-o-fants. 

I'll take the stripper over acorruptoldfart like Horny. 


The hatch act is not criminal nor is it enforced by the county attorney. I don't know what OSC stands for.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@DNichols  This is why We all need to remember MontyPoodle in his next election, and not let the Clown Of the County Arpaio buy him another term....

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Felicia Rotellini filed her paperwork for another chance to KO HorniBoi WK.

Let's work on getting HorniBoi out. Then we'll work on getting MontyPug out.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Never heard that one before

WhoKnows topcommenter

@MaskedMagician1967  HorniBoi has already lost.  NO ONE seems to support him any more, except a has been actor with sex slaves in his past and a Sheriff that wears Depends.....

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