Ruben Gallego Ahead of Mary Rose Wilcox in Congressional Race, Poll Says

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Gallego for Congress
Ruben Gallego.

A poll paid for by the campaign of former state Representative Ruben Gallego shows Gallego ahead of Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox in the Congressional District 7 race.

Gallego and Wilcox, both Democrats, are the two big-name candidates in the race, after former state Senator Steve Gallardo announced last week that he's going to run for Wilcox's seat on the board of supervisors instead of the congressional seat.

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It's extremely likely that whichever Democrat wins the primary race wins the seat, being vacated by Democratic Congressman Ed Pastor, who's retiring. The district's voters opted for President Obama in 2012 by a 72 percent to 27 percent margin over Mitt Romney.

According to Gallego's poll, from a company called Lake Research Partners, 38 percent of the 401 Democratic voters opted for Gallego, and 32 percent for Wilcox. Twenty-nine percent remained undecided.

Again, this is a poll paid for by Gallego's campaign -- so take that for what it's worth -- but according to what they released, Wilcox is more popular, but also has a larger percentage of people who view her unfavorably.

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Come what a bullXXit article and poll.  A poll done by the biggest sleaze bag to be in public office Ruben Gallego. He's nothing but a little Napoleon.  A poll done by his campaign is about as honest as his last name....which Gallego is not his last name.  

Never trust a anyone who's hiding behind a beard.  What are they covering up?  More to follow.


I can't stand Gallego either but I'll vote for him over Wilcox. Now that Wilcox has resigned, reject her for Congress and she will no longer be in politics.


If the new times can get a weight on these two candidates, I'd appreciate it. I will vote for whoever is least fat. Don't worry about height/weight ratios or BMI numbers, just the raw poundage numbers will be fine.


@phxworkingout Yup, Ruben Marinelarena at it again.  And they pick on the Chavez guy for changing his name...

danzigsdaddy topcommenter just because you dont get elected doesnt mean you are no longer in politics, it just means you are no longer in office. think twit

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