Randy Pullen, Candidate for Treasurer, Was Investigated in SCA Campaign-Finance Scandal

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Randy Pullen
Randy Pullen, a CPA who's running for state treasurer, is either a fool or a liar.

Not in general, mind you:

We're talking strictly about his role in a campaign-finance scandal that helped destroy the careers of three of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's top men.

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Five years ago, Pullen became one of the most notable figures embroiled in a state criminal investigation of what was known as the "SCA Scandal." Evidence in the case indicated Pullen, then the chair of the State Republican Party, may have been aware that campaign-finance laws were being thwarted. He says he did nothing wrong.

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Dan Saban
But taking him at his word, the would-be treasurer comes off looking as gullible as a schoolkid -- hook-winked by his a political-consultant friend and the wily Sheriff's Office.

At the heart of the matter, as far as Pullen's involvement is concerned, was a suspicious donation of $105,000 to the state GOP in August of 2008.

The allegations investigated by the state concerned how the state GOP, headed by Pullen, conspired with Sheriff Arpaio's office to fund a smear-ad against Arpaio's 2008 opponent, Dan Saban, with money raised secretly from wealthy Arpaio supporters.

Arpaio and his top aides, Dave Hendershott and Larry Black, who doubled as the longtime sheriff's campaign workers, were eager to see Saban's name trashed with Saban's own court testimony from a failed defamation lawsuit against Arpaio. But they couldn't legally donate the cash they and their wealthy buddies raised to the Republican Party specifically for a pro-Arpaio ad -- that would be illegal earmarking of funds. So, after raising the money, the sheriff's men met with Pullen's friend, GOP political consultant Chris Baker, who acted as a go-between. Baker soon took an $80,000 check that Black had given him to the state Republican Party headquarters.

When Pullen received the check, he noticed two important things about it: One, it was by far the largest check he'd received for the party in that election cycle. And two, the check was from something called the "SCA," an "unincorporated association of individuals."

Big checks like that usually were not deposited until the party knew who was doing the donating, said the state Republican Party's finance director at that time, Amy Lynn Gordon. She informed state investigator Mike Edwards that Pullen told her -- over her objections -- to deposit the money immediately in the party's state account.

Money intended for Joe Arpaio's 2008 re-election campaign flowed illegally through the SCA and into a pro-Arpaio ad made by the state GOP.
The day after the check came in, Pullen and another GOP official formed the independent-expenditure group that was behind the R-rated, anti-Saban TV ad. Three weeks later, Baker delivered another check from the mysterious "SCA," this one for $25,000.

Pullen soon had $78,000 transferred from the state GOP account to the new group. The state investigation concluded that the money was used to produce and run the anti-Saban ad. It aired for one day that October before being yanked because of public outrage. SCA money was also used by the state GOP for a controversial ad supporting former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, who was disbarred in 2011 for abusing his power.

After the anti-Saban ad ran, Democratic Party officials pulled the state GOP's election finance reports and saw that the GOP had accepted the large donations from an unnamed group, the "SCA." That's when the scheme began to unravel. The state elections department found the allegations compelling enough to refer to the state Attorney General's Office, which began an investigation.

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WhoKnows topcommenter

What state did Black and Fox go to so they could live in wedded bliss, BTW?

WhoKnows topcommenter

The politicians in this state get rated for their level of corruption, and it seems the more corrupt they are, the more votes they get....


Funny how all these Republicans always claim to have "all the answers" to the state's problems and then act like know nothing dumb asses when they get caught up in some type of malfeasance.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Thanks to Lisa Aubuchon, I know all about the SCA scandal and how Pullen was involved.

He should consider himself lucky he's not in federal prison....

Cozz topcommenter

Another corrupt wanta be politician, he'll fit right in with the rest of the slimeball politicians in Arizona.

valleynative topcommenter


Democrats are just as bad.  We just don't see it in Arizona because they don't have enough power to cause much trouble.


You know only what you've read from the PNT.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@TommyCollins The above comment was by 'another' Tommy Collins... my comments show in RED... not blue.

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