Phoenix Now a Top City for Dogs Biting Mailmen

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Anthony Sanchelli

Like baseball and apple pie, dogs biting mailmen is something of an American tradition -- not a tradition the Postal Service is particularly pleased with, mind you.

Letter carriers actually do get attacked by dogs every year (more than 5,500 in 2013), and Phoenix is now one of the top spots for dog attacks on mailmen.

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Phoenix didn't even crack the list of the Postal Service's list of top 20 cities for dog attacks on mailmen last year, but Phoenix made it this year.

The Postal Service reports 32 dog attacks on mailmen in Phoenix in 2013, which was the 11th-most in the nation, tied with Minneapolis.

The top 10, in order, are: Houston, Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Diego, Chicago, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Columbus, and Kansas City.

Phoenix dogs haven't made the list since 2011, when they went after 38 mailmen.

The Postal Service releases this list every year, as part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, an effort to make people more responsible owners.

With more than 5,500 dog bites on mailmen last year, that equates to about 1 in every 850 dog bite victims in the country being a mailman.

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Lars Juan
Lars Juan

My dog was attacked by two dogs. The first dog a german shepherd ran from the yard onto the street and started to bite my dog's neck, the second dog, pitbull mix, ran out and tried to bite her hind legs at the same time. Her fur is thick and avoided injury as well I beat on the dogs attacking. The owners stood and watched. Contacted police, cant do anything, contacted animal control nothing. I am not surprised and I now walk my dog with taser and 357 magnum.

Nico Moon
Nico Moon

Phoenix now a top city for humans being irresponsible owners!!!!


Article trying to create a controversy (typical New Times tactic) where there is none looking at the numbers.  Phoenix is a top 15 city in terms of population.  Stands to reason they would be top 15 in number of dog-bites for mail carriers.  

Gary L Knowthyself Jones
Gary L Knowthyself Jones

The Pit Bulls in my neighborhood roam free like lions on the Serengeti. A trip on foot to the store is a life and death affair. If sheriff Arpaio loves pit bulls so much let him pay my bills and buy my groceries.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

That'll teach them not to bring bills to people's homes.


I carry as well when I take my dogs for a walk. I didn't used to, but after several run-ins with various dogs, mostly pit bull mixes, I started taking my .45 along. I don't even know what the laws are concerning shooting a vicious loose dog within the city, but I don't care, vet bills are pricey and I'm not going to have my properly controlled dogs injured or killed by some lowlife's pitbull. Based on my experiences, I fully expect to find out what the laws are at some point after the fact.

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