Phoenix Has More People Walking to Work Than Five Other American Cities

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Here's the surprising fact of the day: Of the 50 largest cities in the United States, there are five cities where walking to work is less popular than it is in Phoenix.

The obvious expectation would be that Phoenix is dead last, because who in their right mind walks anywhere when temperatures are routinely approaching 120 degrees in the summer?

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According to a new U.S. Census Bureau report on walking and bicycling to work, a grand total of 1.8 percent of people in Phoenix walk to work.

The only large cities with lower rates of walkers are Mesa (which doesn't really count, at 1.6 percent), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1.6 percent), Jacksonville, Florida (1.4 percent), Wichita, Kansas (1.3 percent), and Fort Worth, Texas (1.2 percent).

Three cities -- Dallas, San Jose, and Arlington -- had the same rate of people walking to work as Phoenix.

The report specifically states that people who work from home don't count, so that blows up our only theory.

Perhaps just as surprising as people walking to work in Phoenix, there are also people riding a bike to work -- 0.7 percent of people in Phoenix. That's actually a rate about in the middle of the 50 biggest cities.

Meanwhile, Tucson is on the higher end of both walking and biking to work, at 3.6 percent and 2.4 percent, respectively.

Statewide, the rate of people bicycling to work is above the national average, and the rate of people walking to work is only slightly below average.

Census Bureau

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That explains Phoenix bieng sixth in pedestrian accidents?!

I remember before the January 2008 start of the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration programs and the "Great Recession"  which strangely began at the exact same time and weas a direct result of vacated immigrant dwellings, when Americans could pick and choose about any well paying  job we wanted, and could afford to drive to work.

But atleast we got rid of those HARD WORKING Hispanic's that were growing our food, and gladly diong the hardest low paying jobs.

Perhaps we deserve to be walking?


phoenix has more fat, pale and ugly people than any five cities that I've been to. maybe they should walk more. it won't help the ugly part, but maybe the other two bad traits could be eliminated.


as hot as it is here it's a heck of a lot colder in Fairbanks Alaska!  

valleynative topcommenter


What a strange and completely fanciful world you inhabit!

Do pigs fly, where you live?

valleynative topcommenter


Apparently we've got one more asshole than we used to have.

You could always just keep moving.



I wish you had the courage to say your crap to me in person?

I bet I could make a piece of pit stuff like you fly?!


@DNichols points and laughs at d for dumbfuck nichols. libtard, stupid and violent, the new times reader trifecta.

fishingblues topcommenter


 Golly d-nick, are you a tough guy now?

I guess it is an easier fantasy for you than believing you are smart or good looking.  

valleynative topcommenter


The fact that you want to respond to words with physical violence just reinforces my conclusion that you are mentally ill and should be on medication.


@DNichols you're such a tough guy! my vagina just got a little wet watching you in action.

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