10 Ways to Beat Traffic Around Phoenix

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5.) Beat the Mini Stack

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The Mini Stack -- the interchange of Interstate 10, Loop 202, and State Route 51 -- can be the worst location for traffic in Phoenix. There's one way in and out of it that seems to clearly be the best (although it's only for East Valley-ers).

If you're trying to get downtown from the 51, keep going onto I-10 East, and take the Jefferson/Washington Street exit. If you're coming from the 202, take the same exit, by taking the ramp for the 10 and 51, but keeping left onto I-10 east, and taking the first exit. It dumps you off at 20th Street and Washington, making this an especially good choice for visits to Chase Field or U.S. Airways Center, in addition to the rest of downtown.

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Rusted Halo
Rusted Halo

If #2 is work from home then #1 should be obvious...don't drive during traffic times.

Marshall Wilmot
Marshall Wilmot

Ten or more clicks for a stupid "story". You got me again.

Jedediah Hunt
Jedediah Hunt

Ah! The pagination! You ever absolutely compromised user experience in lieu of ppv. ...Please stop

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