Tucson Weekly Sold to Owners of the East Valley Tribune

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The cover of Tucson Weekly's "Best of Tucson" 2013 issue.

The alternative weekly newspaper of Tucson, the aptly named Tucson Weekly, has been sold.

A company called 10/13 Communications purchased the Weekly, as well as another newspaper in Tucson, Inside Tucson Business, which is also published weekly.

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The sale was announced by a press release.

10/13 Communications has snatched up quite a few smaller community newspapers, publications, and online news websites around Arizona, including the Daily News-Sun, Glendale Today, Peoria Today, Surprise Today, Ahwatukee Foothills News, Clipper Marketplace, U and Your Home, the Explorer, Marana News, Foothills News and Desert Times. A few of those publications were just purchased earlier this month. The company also purchased the onetime Pulitzer Prize-winning East Valley Tribune after it went into bankruptcy (and is now a shell of its former self).

Tucson Weekly was owned by Wick Communications, which owns 26 community newspapers, nearly all of them in the western United States, and about half of them in Arizona. The Sierra Vista-based company owns papers such as the Sahuarita Sun, Nogales International, and Douglas Dispatch.

The staff at Tucson Weekly don't seem to know much about the sale. Editor Dan Gibson wrote in a blog post, "In the words of the press release I was handed, 'Terms of the transaction were not announced.'"

Weekly co-founder Doug Biggers wrote on Facebook, "Doesn't bode well....but, perhaps creates an opportunity for a new media company to emerge."

Here's what 10/13 Communications president Randy Miller has to say in that press release:
"The addition of Tucson Weekly and Inside Tucson Business is great for our company and for increasing our reach and effectiveness for advertisers in the Tucson market. With these publications and websites, along with the Explorer that dominates the northwest area and our other recent acquisitions, our Tucson Local Media group is positioned to be the number one media company in Tucson."
Tucson Weekly just published an issue commemorating its 30-year anniversary earlier this year.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

So why didn't PNT / Voice Media grab it?


Absolutely cause for huge concern!  If the Explorer in northwest Tucson is an example of 1013 Communications' business model (and we have every reason to believe it is) most of the staff will be "let go," sponsored content will be prominently featured, editorial staff will be listed as an afterthought or not at all, and journalistic standards will become a joke. They routinely run press releases as submitted along with copy so poorly written that it borders on the offensive.


The Ahwatukee Foothills News, otherwise known as the Sal DiCiccio News, is also owned by 10/13 Communications. AFN is now a full blown right wing rag that regularly publishes columns by people who have no idea what they are talking about, such as Mormon girl Linda T. Hansen or Don Kennedy who thinks this country is a socialist dictatorship. The "Tucson Weekly" will now be something you wrap garbage in. 


Here come the Tea Party morons and the Theocrats.........there goes the Tucson Weekly.

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