Tucson and Prescott Residents Among People Least-Satisfied With Where They Live

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A survey of nearly 200 U.S. metro areas shows people in Tucson and Prescott aren't exactly the happiest about the city they live in.

According to a Gallup poll, no metro area was full of people who hate where they live, as the least-satisfied city in America still had the approval of nearly 73 percent of the people. Tucson and Prescott were on the lower end of the scale, with 81.5 percent of Tucson residents saying they're satisfied with their city, and 82.1 percent of Prescott residents saying they're satisfied with their city.

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Out of the 189 metro areas in the U.S. people in Tucson are the 155th-most satisfied, and people in Prescott are 148th-most satisfied.

The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area had 85.8 percent satisfaction, which is just above average.


Gallup interviewed more than a half-million people over the course of two years for this survey.

In addition to lower levels of satisfaction, Tucson and Prescott residents are less optimistic about the futures of their cities.

In Prescott, less than 56 percent of the people surveyed said Prescott is "getting better." In Tucson, just 52 percent of people said it's "getting better" in the city.

Meanwhile, nearly 62 percent of Phoenix residents said it's getting better here.

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