Three Arizona Congressman Call for Removal of Phoenix VA Leadership

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04-29-14 PVAHCS

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What we have here are 3 opportunist that can be considered the 3 Stooges. All three of these opportunist are always voting against any and all veteran benefits and programs. They're just like AZ's John McCain and his boy Flake

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This is nothing new. VA hospitals are chronically understaffed and that's only one aspect of their perennially poor performance in meeting our veterans' healthcare needs. I don't know if they do it now, but whenever appropriate treatment is delayed for any reason, that should trigger an automatic referral to a civilian facility.


This is not just happening in Phoenix.  I went in a couple months ago to Flagstaff clinic and the soonest primary care appointment is in June if I get lucky (supposedly on a wait list).  Weeks after that incident I went in with a sinus infection and they wanted me to drive to Prescott from Flagstaff even though nobody at all was in the lobby during sick call and I could barely see due to my sinuses and they couldn't/wouldn't give or order anything to help.


@eric.nelson745 There's a host of problems with the referral to outsourced specialty care. Two major problems are 1) the lack of connectivity of the civilian facility to the VAMC electronic medical records. and 2) a NO VALUE added agency -- TriWest -- is inserted into the proces strictly for bureaucratic purposes. This injects numerous aspects of delays into the process of getting care delivered for veteran AND it costs money without enhancing either the care or the accountability of any aspect of the process.

The concept of Single Payer is sound. As welcome as I find the alarm being sounded by Schweikert and friends, the ultimate, fundamental problem is symbolically identified as Paul Ryan.

Massively and overwhelmingly deficient funding of the VA medical system in Phoenix (and other similar facilities throughout the country) are causing administrators to commit fraud as a criminal way of coping with those chronic funding deficienies.

The ONLY long-term solution is to demand adequate funding. That might only be possible when we can get rid of Paul Ryan and John Boehner.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Good enough to fight for your country, not good enough for your country to fight for

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